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A little surprise

This morning my dad told me that a package for me was waiting to be picked up. So I went to the general post office to collect it. Turned out to be a package which I purchased from eBay over 2 weeks ago. It was this:

without hood
A NICI Snow Tomcat (with hood on)

with hood
Without hood on

Leon and I decided to call it Thomas “Tommi” Tomcat or Tommi for short (he’s gotta have a German name, you know). I have 3 other dolls: Nibblies Bunny Bun-Buns (a TY yellow bunny), Leonie “Rex” Lion (a NICI lion) and Tatum Theodore “Teddy” Thread Bear (a Me to You Tatty bear). If you read the about me page, you’ll know that we talk to the dolls and we treat them like real people. Yes, we’re weird.

On the days when I’m not blogging, I trawl around the blogosphere reading people’s blogs and comments left by the visitors. One thing that I noticed was that there are some people who wrote their comments in a different language than the language of the blog owner. I’m not one to judge but don’t you think that it is too much to assume that the blog owner will understand the commenter’s language? Even if the commenter wishes to leave a comment in a different language, it would be helpful to include a translation. But when you think of it, it’s pretty pointless to do that anyway.

So I have launched my latest mini project, which is a listing for the books I have read/going to read. You can view the site by going to

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