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The rebellious me

So as you can see, I’ve put up the new theme I’ve been rambling about all this time. Here’s a brief info on the layout:
This WordPress theme is named “Serenity” because I thought it would be an apt name for the header image. Earlier I considered calling it “Sakura”, but that didn’t make sense since there isn’t a single cherry blossom flower in this layout. Reasons for choice of colours: Not sure. I just happened to pick them. It was really a matter of mix-n-match. I’ve also incorporated a lot of CSS3 modules into the theme (I’m sure that is obvious to you without having me to explain it) even though that resulted in W3C validator to keep bugging me with validation errors but I decided to sacrifice it for the sake of functionality which brings up the question: where does one draw the line between functionality and valid code?

On an entirely different subject, I find it hard to wake up early in the morning unless it is go to the university. Waking up early is not easy for me and much to my mom’s annoyance, I refuse to get out of the bed on weekends even when I have chores to do. I find myself the odd one out in the family. When I say odd, it means I am more like a thorn in the family. I refuse to conform to the ways practiced in my family and I dislike being forced to. Consequently I am seen as a rebel. I don’t take it negatively, though, because not all rebel(lion)s are bad and you can see this throughout the world history. Which is quite an irony because one day I will be a teacher and I will spend half of the time making sure my students follow the school rules and to abide by the proper code of conduct (the other half is making sure they are doing their work).

But that’s the thing about life. Life is so full of irony that when you take a moment to reflect at your life journey, you realise that your life today is not merely a product of your conscious actions, but your life is also shaped by events you didn’t plan to happen.

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