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So where have I been these past few days? I haven’t been replying to comments on my blog and I’ve got a feeling I might take the whole week to return them all. /cry

The blog is not on hiatus, if that’s what you’re thinking, nor am I have gone inactive. On contrary, I have not been sitting idle for the past few days. I’ve been on my legs most of the time, doing chores. Some of you probably know that last Friday was the start of the Aidil Fitri or Eid Mubarak (refer to Wikipedia if you have no idea what it is). The first two days of Eid Mubarak I’ve been busy visiting relatives and on the third and fourth day I was at home waiting for relatives to come over. The kitchen had been my companion from morning to evening for two days in a row. And I can honestly tell you that it was exhausting.
And that’s the reason why I haven’t been very active online. I could only manage a couple of tweets once in a while just to let you know I’m still breathing. Monday was the end of the official Eid Mubarak holidays for government officials and university population so today they/we are back at work/uni (hopefully!) which is why I now have the time to blog. But the school is still out for the schoolkids because they’re still having their term break.

Thanks to everyone who had commented on the layout. Most the feedbacks were constructive and I appreciate them all. I find them to be essential to improving my web design skills.

On another note, the packages that I have been waiting for weeks are now here /love:

The Book Thief
The Book Thief

Snow Drift Necklace
Snow Drift Necklace

I was supposed to blog about a different topic on trust and relationship but I think I’ll just defer it to the next post.

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