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It’s never enough

The one-week holiday is over and now I’m back in uni. Honestly, I am not thrilled to go back as the second half of the semester is the time when all the hard work begins. I have 4 essays and 2 presentations to do. I have no idea why we have so much workload. I am guessing this is because we have so much courses to do in one semester. I am against too much work because at the end of the day the work you do is substandard because you can’t put too much effort on one individual work.

But what makes things harder is the limited number of books that can be used as references in the library. Everytime I look for books to help me with my assignments/projects, the resources were never enough. Even when the library computer system says the resources are available, but when I want to retrieve them, they’re not on the shelves. Consequently I often end up looking for articles from the internet, which most of you probably know, are not always available, or give wrong information or not written by credible authors.

I have a few web projects that are pending to be completed soon and this includes a new website that I need to set up. I won’t disclose the project yet because I prefer to unload the surprise on the launching day itself.

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