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//EDITED ON 10-08-2010
It was my birthday on the 9th. I’ll write a post on it on my other blog.

I’m planning to watch The Expendables. Normally I’m not interested in this kind of action movies but since there’re a lot of prominent names in the film, my guess it will probably be worth watching.

The Expendables
The Expendables

For months I have been considering to get myself an iPhone, but after knowing that Flash is not supported by Apple, I am not entirely sure anymore. I know iPhone is a great gadget but with a lot of current sites using Flash such as design websites and a lot of MMORPG games (or those mini games on Facebook), it is a tough choice for me. But I guess it is a lot tougher for Apple and Adobe. The Apple-Adobe debate has been escalating in the recent weeks, with supporters on both sides are getting more and more fidgety in their seats and have been passing love/hate notes to each other. I’d probably end up getting it anyway someday.

Something’s wrong with the Comment Luv plugin and I can’t figure out what it is. The plugin works charmingly on Google Chrome but it appears to be broken if you are viewing this site using Firefox or Opera. I’ve yet to bring this issue to the plugin developer but for now, I’m just gonna settle with this semi-faulty one.

I’ve decided to call off the birthday contest. I didn’t expect I would be so overwhelmed with other things. Plus the Fasting month is coming up very soon so I will be doing a lot of offline chores. I might, perhaps defer the contest to December since I will have lots of free time then. I am incredibly sorry to those who have been waiting for this contest (if anyone actually does) but as I said, I’ll make it up to you in December. /glad

On a different note, I already have a presentation to be prepare for. The presentation will be on the coming Wednesday for the Islam in Southeast Asia course. Let’s just say this is one of weakest area and I’m not very keen to do it. It could be a touchy subject and I very much would like to keep it as differential as possible. I’m actually more looking forward to doing the other course, which deals with European histories, or maybe even on the modern East Asia. I’ve been doing Southeast Asia histories for several semesters and it has gotten to the point where one would say, “Can we do something else other than Southeast Asia history!?” or “Don’t you think it’s time to move on!?”

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