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Not to my liking

I find myself getting lazy and lazier each day. I’ve got surmounting projects on halt; like the themes I never got around to finish, the plugin I never have the time to fix, and the unwritten tutorials. What is wrong with me? Maybe I just need a short break.

I was back in university this morning and frankly speaking, I’m not looking forward to go through another semester of History lessons. But given the choice of going back to the university or doing another round of Teaching Practice, I’d rather choose the first. My first day back in campus wasn’t so bad if not for the fact Leon and I were given a cold shoulder by the university’s ICTC (Information Communication Technology Centre ) staff. We were there to inquire about how to get our student cards renewed but apparently the woman saw our presence as a nuisance since we interrupted whatever she was doing on her computer. Thanks woman, for spoiling my Monday morning mood. And this is not the first time she did this to us. Every last time we went there she seemed to be unhappy to see us. Is it so hard for her to spend 2 seconds of politeness??

Which reminds me of another ICTC staff who treated us like dirt. Leon and I were looking for one of the admin staff to sort out a couple of matters but we couldn’t find her room. At the same moment we saw a guy walking along the corridor so we stopped him and ask for directions. This complete jerk replied in a rude tone of voice: “That’s the room (pointing across the corridor), can’t you see the label?” I was taken aback by such arrogance and rudeness. Leon and I obviously couldn’t see the label because: a) It was placed at the top of the door, b) The label was written in a ridiculously small font with tacky, illegible text (it had some sort of floral designs). Anyway, I then came to the conclusion that the ICTC people are just way too bitchy and I have this nagging feeling that they look down on us and see us as mere ‘students’. But this conclusion only stands if they behave that way all the time. I may be wrong in this deduction because the guy probably had a bad day, but that was no excuse to treat us in brusque manner. Whatever happens to code of conduct and professionalism?

Anyway, the video below features a music video by a local band called D’hask. The music video’s title is Kamu, Adalah Mimpi Buruk Ku (You, Are My Bad Dream) featuring Pamela Anderson. D’hask is one of the few local artistes who are trying to make their way into the international music industry. It is quite a pride for us, really. Though in the music video I find it odd to have Pamela in it. It looks rather off. /sweat

D’hask – Kamu, Adalah Mimpi Buruk Ku [Official Music Video]

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