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A month of challenges

Ramadan (fasting month) is here, which means I will be fasting for the whole month. You probably have never heard of Ramadan and unfortunately, I’m not very good in explaining religious concepts so you will have to look it up on Wikipedia for its meaning. And I would have to abstain from doing bad things like using cuss words and such, because that would defeat the purpose of fasting in the first place. It will be slightly tough for me to sit in lectures and tutorials during this fasting month because I won’t have anything to eat throughout the day. Normally I could be seen sipping on my coffee before class so I won’t fall asleep during the lectures but I won’t be able to do so for this one month.

We have a new Geography lecturer in the university and he’s from the States. Since it was his first time in Brunei he was not familiar with the customs and how things work here. My university follows the UK’s system, where we have tutorials for each courses but this is something non-existent in the US’ system of education. The new lecturer was understandably confused with the whole thing and since he could not steer away from the system we have here so he decided to just change it a little bit; instead of doing assignments/presentations during the tutorial, he plans to throw a ‘mini exam’ during the tutorial time. Not everyone of us are happy about it but there was nothing else we could do.

I’m working on a few stuff in the background, including making a new layout for Nekonette and setting up a new site: Purrfectly.me. Purrfectly.me is intended to be a portfolio for my artworks and written pieces. Feel free to check out the website. /glad

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