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I have re-enabled WP-SpamFree plugin to combat all the spams that I have been receiving lately. The plugin was disabled for a few weeks because I’ve received reports from various people saying their comments did not go through. I used Akismet instead and it was working charmingly for the first few days before the spam comments started to flood in. o_O

I am considering to offer the layout on has a premade theme and create a new one for that site. I’m putting this under my to-do list and while I was at it, I never realised that the list has grown long. This means I have a lot of catching-ups to do and most probably I will have to get them done before university starts.

On another online-related news, has approved my application for Final Fantasy X-2 – 1000 no Kotoba (1000 Words). 😉 It is one of the songs in the game. Hopefully I will be able to start building the site for the fanlisting as soon as my teaching attachment is over.

This coming Thursday will be our dear King’s birthday. My mom said that we should send His Majesty a birthday card this year. I know a lot of people find our system of government to be sort outdated but I believe no government is flawless. There is bound to be some sort of weaknesses or faults within the system. What we can do is to bring and make the best of the system for the benefit of all. I know this may sound like a weak argument but that won’t change my stance; I’m a pro-monarchist through and through.

Sushi, anyone? (Please excuse the quality, I took the pictures using my phone’s camera)

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