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Sorry for being away for a few days. Some of you probably got an earlier notice about my absence through Twitter. This week has been a terrible and stressful week for me. Saturday will be a public holiday which gives me 3 days off and this is why I have the time to blog. I don’t want to explain it over and over again so you will have to read here for the details. I will return all the comments for the previous post as soon as I can within these 3 days. I am not 100% back online though, I have two more busy weeks to go through so you can expect I will be missing a lot of online news.

In one of the previous posts I mentioned that I’ve passed my exams, which means that I won’t have to worry about having to do supplementary exams. I’ve also got my timetable for the next semester. So far it looks awesome but that’s because I have not added in the tutorial slots yet. I shall get find out about the tutorial classes once I’m back in campus. Hopefully the tutorials will be assigned on favourable times because I want the Saturday off so that Leon and I can go to the movies on Saturdays, LOL!

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Below is the list of the courses that I will be taking next semester:
Method of Teaching: Geography Minor II
Islam in Southeast Asia
Transformation of Modern East Asia
Tradition And Modernization In Brunei Darussalam Since 1900
Liberalism, Nationalism and Development of Europe In The Age of Empire

To be honest, none of those courses above sound appealing to me o_O but I’ve to take them nevertheless.


  1. Thanks. 🙂

    When I was a little kid I tried to get an egg to hatch by taking one from the refrigerator, LOL. I put it under a lamp and told it that I wanted it to hatch, and then a day later it started to stink. I didn’t tell my parents and instead just threw it in the trash. I thought I killed the chick. D:


    Good luck with everything. And your classes sound…not fun.

  2. Congratulations on passing your exams and good luck getting Saturday off.

  3. Congratulations on passing your exams. Hopefully things will start to be less stressful for you. Missed you on the internet lately. 🙂

    I hope David will be ok. He has his friends and family around him, so he should be ok. His ex-girlfriend who he has the kid to has been staying and I think they are back together (which disappoints me because he could do so much better than that).

    I miss his dad so much already, although I didn’t really see him or talk to him much. But he was so amazing.

  4. I know; I HATE the huge deal that’s going on with Twilight right now. Seriously, they have Twilight-related toys (not real toys, but they come with the meal) at Burger King and they’re doing Twilight-related Volvo commercials. -__- I didn’t want to even see the actors when this all first came out, because it would ruin the series, but it’s impossible to avoid them. It makes me sad… I won’t ever be able to read them again without thinking of all this stupidity, although I have a hard time reading past the first one now because the second one is depressing and the fourth one is freaky because they’re having sex all the time at the beginning until she gets pregnant with his baby, and then it’s depressing because you think she’s going to die. 😛


    Ooh, the second, third, and fifth ones sound very interesting to me. XD I wish I could take random classes at Clark, but I wouldn’t be able to get financial aid for them because I wouldn’t be working for a degree. :/ I’m wondering if it’s possible to say you’re going for a degree, then back out after a couple quarters if you don’t like it (although if you get an additional degree, like I would because I’ve almost gotten my Associates in Arts Degree, you have to be approved to get financial aid). I should ask, because if so, I might try to get a math degree. I love math… I don’t want a job in it, but I like it, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything else I’ll be able to do with my spare time for a while. :/

  5. I hope things won’t be as stressful for you soon!
    Congratulations on passing all your exams!

  6. *hugs* thank you for your comment, Kitty, it really cheered me up. Years ago I also had no one to talk to… It was during my depression years. But now I know I do have friends and people supporting me. It means a lot. <3

    I'm sorry you've been away and busy as well. Your timetable looks like it's all over the place! D: Mine's all in a little bunch and more even, I guess. I hate to say it too, but your subjects look hella ugly! 🙁 They do look a shocker. I don't think any of them appeal to me either, and they all seem boring!

    Congratulations on passing everything! James and I tried to work our timetables together too so that we had more time together. :3 It's hard with him having many classes but it's the best we could do!

  7. Those subjects look interesting to me. 🙂 I love languages and cultures. Anyway, I’m proud of you Kitty, for passing all of your exams. Wish you a happy and productive semester! *kisses & smiles*

    – Enterprise, out.

  8. Congrats on passing all your exams! well done :D. You’re life sounds busy! I hate it when there’s no time to do stuff you want. I’m glad that after work I can do anything I want, but there isn’t much time for that though 🙁 Your teaching workload is crazy, can’t believe to you need to work late in the night. Well it’s almost over, just 2 more weeks.

    You have class on a sat? :O Is school Mondays – Saturdays over there? You don’t have anything on Fridays, you can go to the cinema then.

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