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I don’t actually know what to talk about in this post. I am actually framing the words as I type. Most people don’t know this but conversing in English is never my strong point. I have to carefully construct my words and place them in proper sentences. I am not dyslexic nor do I suffer from any learning disabilities (I’m a bit slow in catching up certain things but that’s about it), in case you are wondering. I’m just not very fluent in English, that’s all.

My mom bought a second-hand photocopier a few days ago. It came as a strange decision to me because I have no idea what my mom intend to do with it or where she plan to store it. I just can’t think of any place in the house where she can keep the big, bulky machine. The house is crowded as it is already and now we’ll have to find a spot to place this big lug.


In case you haven’t heard, I’ve launched the my latest fanlisting: Across The Time, a fanlisting for Final Fantasy X-2 song (1000 no Kotoba). Give it some love! /love

I may not exactly a fanatical supporter of human rights but I do believe that we have the rights to make our own choices as long as they don’t cause harm to others.
I went to a function a few nights ago which was hosted by my aunt and her family. Apparently we were celebrating something but I couldn’t be bothered to find out what it was. So there I was, at the party, watching a TV show on my mom’s phone when one of my aunts came along. She asked me, “What are you watching?” And I answered, “Oh, a Korean soap opera.”

And guess what her response was.

“You’re watching Channel XYZ? Why? Don’t you have other things to watch?”(With a shocked expression on her face). I was totally stung by her words. What she meant was, I was watching a channel that she regards as worthless or of low quality.
Who was she to judge that? It was my own choice, and my right to watch any show on any channel. If she doesn’t like it, she can keep the remarks and thoughts to herself.
This is one reason why I hate going to family gatherings. I don’t get along well with my relatives. They do and say things that annoy me. I know I’m not easy to put up with and I do get on other people’s nerves as well, I admit that, but I do not appreciate someone bossing me around or questioning my choice when clearly that person is not in the position to do so.

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