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My teaching attachment is finally over. But there are still a couple of stuff to do. I need to write up a report based on the 9-weeks of lesson observations. There’s also a personal evaluation report that I want to do. It isn’t part of my university assignment, I just want to do it so that I can use it for my future reference.

I’ll be back in uni in a week’s time. I’m very much looking forward to go back in campus as this will be my final year in university. /love Looking back at the previous years, it reminded me of the journey I took to get where I am now. It wasn’t an easy journey at all. There were many stumbles along the way; some falls were more painful than others but I managed to pull myself together and faced them. To be frank, the paths I took were not laid out just like that, there were times when I had to make difficult and painful decisions.

A few days ago, my friend, the admin of Anak.IT rang me up. He asked me if I could join him and the other members at the radio station. Apparently, according to him, there was an interview session conducted by the Pelangi FM for the Anak IT members. Unfortunately on that day, I wasn’t available to attend the interview because I had to teach that afternoon. The full details can be read on Anak IT website.
I forgot to mention that I have been a contributor to the Anak IT (literally means: IT child) website since April 2010. I’ve posted articles there at random intervals, mostly at my own convenience.
A little info about the website:

ANAK.IT is an online community where it was set up by the Bruneians. Created as a centre of learning for the locals to share their knowledge in the IT field.

I’ve just finished building the fanlisting for the Final Fantasy X-2 song – 1000 no Kotoba. I’m surprised it only took a few hours to finish it. Normally I would be spending a day or two to get it done. I’ll post the link to the fanlisting once it is listed on

It’s Leon‘s birthday today! Unfortunately for both of us, we can’t spend the day together as he had to be in the army’s training ground doing army stuff. The good thing is, I’ve given him his birthday present on last Saturday. I’m sorry I don’t have the picture of the gifts but they look something like these:

Pen and Takefuda
I got him the maple-coloured pen and the Takefuda (bamboo name tag)

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