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Burned out

I’ve been working on a theme that I intend to offer as a premade but along the way I’m losing the interest in it somehow. Don’t get me wrong, I love making themes but I only enjoy making them knowing that somebody (usually myself) will be using the themes.

This morning the school I’m posted at was having Co-Curricular Activity Open Day so all the clubs in the school were doing sort of exhibitions for everyone to see. Some of them decided to sell a couple of handmade+homemade stuff so that they could raise some money for the school. The event was opened for the public so there were a lot of kids from other schools coming in and joined the fun. I was assigned to the Fitness Club1 and unfortunately for me (and the students in the club), our booth was placed in the middle of the courtyard and right under the blazing sun. Even though we were given a big canvas tent but that didn’t stop the sun from scorching us. :/

The other day I was watching the How To Train Your Dragon film. I wasn’t too impressed with the movie, particularly how absurd it is to have the son of the Viking Chief to look non-Viking-like at all (then again Vikings in real life don’t actually look like the ones portrayed in movies). And why on earth would the Chief call his only son (and presumably the heir) Hiccup?? What sort of name is that!? I know the film was based on a book but somehow, it just feels wrong. And to top it off, Hiccup named his dragon Toothless. Oh wow. But I shouldn’t be too critical about it really, it was just a movie, plus everybody else seemed to be pleased with it and it even got high positive ratings from the critics.

1 I don’t like any kinds of activities that require extra physical exertions.

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