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Burned out

I’ve been working on a theme that I intend to offer as a premade but along the way I’m losing the interest in it somehow. Don’t get me wrong, I love making themes but I only enjoy making them knowing that somebody (usually myself) will be using the themes.

This morning the school I’m posted at was having Co-Curricular Activity Open Day so all the clubs in the school were doing sort of exhibitions for everyone to see. Some of them decided to sell a couple of handmade+homemade stuff so that they could raise some money for the school. The event was opened for the public so there were a lot of kids from other schools coming in and joined the fun. I was assigned to the Fitness Club1 and unfortunately for me (and the students in the club), our booth was placed in the middle of the courtyard and right under the blazing sun. Even though we were given a big canvas tent but that didn’t stop the sun from scorching us. :/

The other day I was watching the How To Train Your Dragon film. I wasn’t too impressed with the movie, particularly how absurd it is to have the son of the Viking Chief to look non-Viking-like at all (then again Vikings in real life don’t actually look like the ones portrayed in movies). And why on earth would the Chief call his only son (and presumably the heir) Hiccup?? What sort of name is that!? I know the film was based on a book but somehow, it just feels wrong. And to top it off, Hiccup named his dragon Toothless. Oh wow. But I shouldn’t be too critical about it really, it was just a movie, plus everybody else seemed to be pleased with it and it even got high positive ratings from the critics.

1 I don’t like any kinds of activities that require extra physical exertions.


  1. I’m halfway through a couple of themes that were meant to be redistributed on my themes site, but, like you, I’ve also lost interest for some reason.

    I hate it when that happens. There were times that they put like half of our school in the field for some sort of activity, leaving us under the scorching sun for like an hour, in the middle of a huge crowd. Then when it’s finally over, everyone runs for the exit.

  2. Thank you!

    The school year has just begun, and they’re already giving us all this homework. 😐

    I should take every opportunity I get to sleep as well, which is why I’ll be going offline now to sleep, haha.

  3. I wish my school did that. I’ve always wanted to sell some of my crafts at garage sales but I don’t know what materials to use and no one ever drives me to the store that much.
    Fitness Club…under the sun. It’s a little ironic since fit people shouldn’t mind. xD I’m not saying that you’re not fit or anything. Which reminds me, I really need to work out.
    I think the reason why the movie is the way it is, is because it’s for young audiences. I already saw the trailer, but I don’t want to watch it.

  4. Hehe! Aww, too bad for the heat, but at least you got some good exercise, right? XDD
    Aww, that’s a shame! I was gonna watch that movie, but now I’m rethinking it.. 😛

    By the way, your very welcome! I’m glad to know you like it! 😀

  5. Ha, that’s usually when I’ll stay up really late, too–like when the latest Harry Potter book came out, I would read nonstop all day (hardly eating or anything) until I finished, even if it took me until 3am. Same with the final installment in the Twilight Saga (back when I liked it. I can’t like it now :/ Damn fangirls. 🙁 )

    That sounds like a really lame movie. I thought that the preview for it looked really… dumb… but that makes it sound even worse. :/ I think that most new movies aren’t very good nowadays, but maybe I’m just pessimistic.

  6. I dislike heat from the sun very much! I don’t mind it for a short period but I do hate standing in the sun for hours! It can be so uncomfortable 🙁

    That’s annoying that you guys were right in the middle where the sun was at it’s hottest.

    I’ve read some good reviews about “How To Train Your Dragon”. It sounds pretty good from the reviews, looks like a funny film. What a name for a boy “Hiccup”, I can understand “Toothless” because people do call their pets random names sometimes, but not for humans!

  7. I heard that movie is really kid-oriented, so it might look odd to us adults. ^^ Long as it’s funny, though, it’s a good movie to watch.

    I’m glad your school clubs are doing stuff to donate to charities. I hope they get to raise a good amount of funds. A Fitness Club huh? I wouldn’t like to be there either. 😛

    I think premade themes would be nice. I know I’d use one for a Character’s site, as I really love your style. 🙂 I haven’t been coding premades in like… years. I got way busier than before.

    – Luana S.

  8. I often wonder why some movies have ridiculous names for characters, and I wonder why a lot of movies with ridiculous plots are always impress the critics.

    I don’t like my premade layouts, I feel bad because I did not put much effort into them. It seems that most of them are just bunches of crap that I didn’t do well, and that’s why they ended up there. I know people like to use really nice premades though, so maybe I should put more effort into it.

    I like going to markets and things where they sell homemade stuff. I really want to do crafting and sell some of the things I create, actually. But the fitness club… not somewhere I’d fit in! At uni they have an “open day” where all the clubs try and entice you with free stuff, and that happens once a year.

    I hate makeup as well. I think it just looks really unnatural especially when girls cake it on. It’s ridiculous. In university it’s alright but in high school when we wore uniform, it looked very silly on some girls. 😐 I don’t think it’s always necessary,  definitely not in huge amounts either.

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