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Your manners matter

I can’t recall whether I have posted this before or not but certainly it is worth to be addressed. I’d like to direct your attention to this one particular problem, there’s this person I know (for privacy sake I’ll refer this person as a friend), whose wife is a completely arrogant bitch. For your info, our native language is not English therefore, anybody who speaks that universal language is considered an educated person. So this particular woman, thinks that she is above everyone else just because she speaks the lingo and she’s currently staying in a certain European country pursuing a certain course. She even treats her mother-in-law like the m-i-l was a nobody just because she’s highly educated. I was absolutely disgusted when she called herself a professional. I can’t help but puke at her words. What kind of an educated person that goes around looking down at other people? Isn’t that an attitude of an asshole?

I feel really sorry for the husband. He was so shocked when he found out about it. In our society, respect for the elders especially those who are in your family is above everything. And to have your spouse/partner to show disrespect to your own parents is incredibly a horrible thing.

I was initially hesitant to post about this topic because it touches the lives of other people but I feel that it is important to educate people to learn to respect other people regardless of their social status.

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