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The agony

My exam results came out last week. I got an A, a B, three Cs and a D. Not too bad, but I am not proud of it either. Leon himself got three As, a C and 2 Ds. I feel happy for him but at the same time I extremely bugged with the fact that I don’t get to beat his grades — again. However, I am more concerned about my academic units. For my Bachelor’s programme, I have to accumulate a minimum of 124 units for me to be able to graduate. The rule says that even if I get a First Class Honours but if my units are less than 124, they still won’t let me graduate.

I have so many things to buy yet I have so little money. There’s the iPhone I want to own, there’re a couple of books I want to buy and there’s still Leon‘s birthday gift to buy. Actually it’s not that I don’t have the money to buy them, I DO, but a sensible person won’t just spend thousands of dollars to buy things that you don’t really require. I don’t need the iPhone (it costs around B$1000+), and I don’t really need those books, but I really need to get something for Leon. *makes up mind*

I’m now back to my teaching practice. The first two days were alright. I had no teaching to do except preparing for the lesson on Wednesday and I was expecting the students to hand in the assignments I gave to them before the school holidays. So when Wednesday came, only 15 (out of 25) students handed in their work. I was so enraged that I actually gave the kids a good lashing. It was the first ever homework I gave them and many of them refused to do it even after 2 weeks of holidays. I told the kids they are not to fool around in my class. Even though I am normally easygoing with them but when it comes to doing assignments, I expect my students to fulfill their duties.
I know I shouldn’t demand too much from them especially when they’re not in the high-end classes but I DO demand them to do their work and submit them on time. Am I wrong to have this expectation? Am I asking too much?

As mentioned in the previous post, there will be another domain giveaway/contest coming up some time in the near future. I haven’t decided on the date yet but it will be sometime on early August. So be watching out for it. Who knows it will be your luck this time. 😉


Woot! I won the 2nd runner-up place in Amelia‘s Site of The Month contest. Here’s what I got:



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