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Give me a break

Thank you to everyone who had wished Nekonette a happy first birthday. I really really appreciate it. :heart: And oh, if you have not joined the Giveaway, you may still do so. The closing date is on the 24th of June. 😉

I’ve just returned from 3-days vacation. Don’t ask where I went to because it was sucky. Not the place though, in fact, it was awesome to be there and I couldn’t ask anywhere better. Well, technically I could but anyway, I was actually referring to people with whom I spent time with at that place.

All I asked was some peace and quite because the purpose of me going on a vacation is to leave behind the problems and stress but what did I get? More stress and headaches. Urgh!
You know, sometimes it sucks to be me.

Leon‘s birthday is in 5 weeks time and I have not thought of any gift for him. Last year I got him a Transformers (Starscream) toy so this year I want to get him a more special present. But I just can’t think of what to buy. And I can post the things that I have in mind here because he reads this blog every now and then and I don’t want to give it away (otherwise that’ll spoil the surprise).

I’ve updated my WordPress to the latest version. I have not explored all the new features yet and I probably won’t in the next few days. I’m going back to my Teaching Practice on Monday which means I will have to start preparing the teaching materials and all. I am seriously not ready to go back.

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