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I need to start working on the articles and tutorials sections as well. I’ve got a couple of tutorials that need to be finished. I have put them on halt for a few weeks and since I have two weeks of holiday, I think I shall have them done soon.

24 years of living, I’ve never had Starbucks coffee. Never. The reason is, we don’t have Starbucks outlet here at all. The only option we have here is the bottled Starbucks coffee. How sad is that? Considering we are a society that love to drink coffee (by that extension, I meant local coffee). Our local coffee is as black as night and as bitter as… I can’t explain it. You will have to taste it yourself. So anyway, for some of us who crave for real, freshly brewed Starbucks coffee they have to drive more than 2 hours to the neighbouring country. Sad, isn’t it?

Guess what’s the good news? I’ve finally applied for the Standard Chartered eCash Card!

Standard Chartered eCash
This is just a sample

Leon and I went to the bank today to get the card done. Yay, no more *cough*begging*cough* my dad to let me use his credit card. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for 3 working days before I can use the card. I’ll let you guys know about it hopefully by Saturday. So even though I don’t have a credit card, this debit/eCash card is still very useful to me. XD


  1. Wow no starbucks near you! There’s a starbucks pretty much everywhere here, well I do live in the city so not surprise that’s a starbuck almost every other street.

    What’s your favourite drink? I love there frappaciunos (how do you spell it?) They had mint hot chocolate once, that was the best because I love mint chocolate 😀

    Yay for the cash card. Haven’t a credit card is really really useful. I love mine 😀

  2. Take a break when you feel tired or frustrated over the tutorials. “HEALTH! YOUR HEALTH!” your doctor will scream when you go for check-ups or follow-ups. ;p

    I don’t like coffee – much less Starbucks coffee. It tastes bitter (fine, I took a little sip of my dad’s before) and it’s very hot. My uncle and my father says coffee must be drank hot but I disagree. 😉 My tongue does not agree with hot water. 🙁 Well you can’t blame Starbucks (I didn’t really mean you blamed them) that they couldn’t rent a store in your country. 😥

    Yay! My dad/mom will NEVER allow me to. But it’s great that you can do it now without begging your dad with all the *coughs* coughs. ;p It looks quite cool and pretty. I like the colors. If you realize it, it seems to blend with Nekonette’s colors.

    My mom and I went to Times Bookstore yesterday and bought a few (7) Charmseekers by Amy Tree books. I had five that I didn’t have to complete my whole series and my charm bracelet, but it was sold out. The supervisor was good though, she promised to contact the supplier and tell my mother when the stock had come.

    As it was rather expensive for all seven books, the supervisor encouraged my mother to get a Times Privilege card. I begged my mother to put it in my name as I NEVER HAD A CARD BEFORE OF ANY STORES! She said Okay and I filled up the form. TA-TA-TA-TA, I got my card! : :heart:

    I love it.

  3. I’m positive that you’ll get your articles and tutorials done soon. It always takes time!

    It’s alright– Starbucks coffee aren’t any different to normal coffee. They just have really cool cafe’ and cups that make them look posh. But really, it’s just coffee. I guess in someway, I’m thankful that we don’t have to drive for more than 2 hours just to try out Starbucks. Nevertheless, I always prefer homemade coffee! 😉

    Awesome… you got an eCash card. I bet it’ll be really nifty and handy. My dad planned to register me and my older sister a student credit card after my 13th birthday this year though I’m not sure what I’ll use it for. XD Anyway, I hope the card will work best for you. 🙂

  4. Ehh, Starbucks is not the best, unless you are a coffee person. But their prices are SO expensive. And their hot chocolate isn’t even good. So don’t worry, you aren’t missing out. I only really like their pastries :heart:

    Congrats on getting a debit card of your own!

  5. Me, too. I’d love for a good layout idea to come to mind and for me to be able to make it. XD

    Ew, coffee is gross. I’ve had Starbucks a few times, mostly during my freshman year of high school, I think, but I always got the strawberry frappucchino ’cause coffee is icky. XD

    Ooh, la la! ;D

  6. It’s been a few years since I had one, so my opinion is probably not the most accurate, but it was very enjoyable… very sweet. So sweet I’d probably get sick now, actually. It’s like a milkshake, but with a stronger flavor, and a bit thinner, I think you could say.

  7. Aw, I’m sorry you don’t have summer holidays! Really, for me, it’s just hot and there’s nothing to do. And then all of a sudden you are busy working and such haha.

    Hey, old songs are sometimes the best songs! Lots of times, really 🙂

    Oh yeah, driving so far just for coffee…but I guess if they really want it and really love, they do what they have to

  8. I’ve never had starbucks either, and we don’t have one in our City either. It’s pretty pathetic.

    Good luck with the card, I’m excited for you (and jealous). 🙂

    Yes, it is. You know me too well. 🙂

  9. I asked irl friends what they thought the necklaces remind of them then I just came up with names based around that.

  10. :heart: I really love your site set up, it’s quite lovely. Thank you for stopping by! visit often sis!~ hope you’re well today :happy: I love your emoticons

  11. We don’t have a load of stuff that other cities have. Sucks to be honest, but oh well we’re getting there. 🙂

  12. Oh noes, your comment got cut off. D: I’ll go see if I can change the max character limit. I tried to delete it before, but it got set to zero, so none of the messages showed up–and Chris had to figure it out for me, lol.

  13. And thanks for the comment about the layout. :heart: I think ones like these will be much easier for me to make in the future, lol. All it takes is a picture and a little photo editing, haha. I already have one in mind to do with daisies when I change it next. ^_^ Although of course I probably won’t want to do that when I actually decide to change it.

    Also, I changed the character limit. I had to idea what I should put it as, so I just added a few zeroes. The new character limit is ten million. XD I should probably reduce it. Eh.

  14. Oh, come on, Kitty, it was a little more difficult than that! ;D Not really, haha. The original picture was really bright so I messed with the saturation and stuff. XD I had a lot of fun making this layout, though, and it makes me want to make a thousand more with the similar technique. The only thing is I’m not good at adding brushes and stuff to it, which is why there’s only text on it this time. :/

  15. Oh, I was mostly kidding. 😛 It took like five seconds to mess with the colors. XD

    I can’t make brushes, either! I have a ton of them downloaded, and I look at them sometimes, but I can never think what to do with them. Or how you’re supposed to keep track of where you downloaded which brushes from so you can credit properly. :/

  16. This reminds me of the gift card Ryan gave me for my birthday. I can use it online and electronically in other ways – it’s not really a credit card but I can use it online! It expires after some time though. 😛

    I was rejected when I tried to apply for a credit card. Must have been my status of work or something.

    I also have never had Starbucks. We have them here but I never really buy coffee outside of home unless it’s an emergency or I’m buying a special iced coffee or something.

    We got to use external stylesheets; thank goodness. The rest was totally manual though; I would have loved to use includes. D:

    I’m glad because finally the semester is over. 😀 And I don’t have to deal with annoying group members even though they’re not in my group!

    I’m really relieved. I was really looking forward to this break!

    That’s definitely true. Team leaders shouldn’t be terrible and bossy like that.We appointed our team leader for our group because she was really extremely organised and did a good job on a lot of things. That would really be beneficial to us.

    Sebby doesn’t care anymore now that it’s done. They were going to try and get an extension but I hope they’ve handed it in now. D:

    LOL I see. Yes, you are using a different email! But it’s still a different gravatar. 😛

  17. Zomg! I love going to Barnes & Noble for two reasons – books and Starbucks!!

    It’s sort of expensive, but it’s a really nice treat once in a while. They have some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (which is to DIE for. Seriously. You’ll die.), tasty drinks (including bottled root beer, and their trademark frappacinos, etc), aaand cute mugs.

    Definitely take a ride up to one when you can. 🙂 Sometimes I’ll see people chilling on their laptops there, too.

  18. Thanks for dropping by my blog :happy: Tagged here!

  19. A wish a day, no doctors everyday. – Dorine the Quotist 🙂

    I prefer tea to coffee. Yes, the iPhone is very popular so I’m sure that many people have the iPhone in their wishlist as well like us. But the people who have it already, *sigh* how lucky!

    Well, who wouldn’t want to donate money? I mean, it’s for a good cause – and firstly, it’s not wasting money, and secondly it makes you in the charity’s “whitelist” instead of blacklist. Alright, I was simply joking. Like I quoted, a joke a day, no doctors everyday. ;p

    BankaiMS, is, now that you mention it, kind of after Bleach. But it is a game that I mentioned: MapleStory. BankaiMS is one of the private servers, like a franchise of MapleStory. >_< MapleStory has 1 times of experience and drop rates – while BankaiMS has 500 times of experience and 1000 times of drop rates. :heart: Therefore, it is better than the real MapleStory.

    My dad cancelled the internet because of that stupid fucking service provider. My brother only used a bit of his phone for SMSing and calling, but the bills went up to as high as $150. :angry: Also, the modem was a high-speed one but it cost my dad around $70. The low-speed modem was just about the same speed as the high-speed one, and it cost only about $20 – $30! :what?!: He cancelled the line and now he's going to change to StarHub. :confused:

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