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I need to start working on the articles and tutorials sections as well. I’ve got a couple of tutorials that need to be finished. I have put them on halt for a few weeks and since I have two weeks of holiday, I think I shall have them done soon.

24 years of living, I’ve never had Starbucks coffee. Never. The reason is, we don’t have Starbucks outlet here at all. The only option we have here is the bottled Starbucks coffee. How sad is that? Considering we are a society that love to drink coffee (by that extension, I meant local coffee). Our local coffee is as black as night and as bitter as… I can’t explain it. You will have to taste it yourself. So anyway, for some of us who crave for real, freshly brewed Starbucks coffee they have to drive more than 2 hours to the neighbouring country. Sad, isn’t it?

Guess what’s the good news? I’ve finally applied for the Standard Chartered eCash Card!

Standard Chartered eCash
This is just a sample

Leon and I went to the bank today to get the card done. Yay, no more *cough*begging*cough* my dad to let me use his credit card. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for 3 working days before I can use the card. I’ll let you guys know about it hopefully by Saturday. So even though I don’t have a credit card, this debit/eCash card is still very useful to me. XD

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