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Someone informed me that this theme looks terribly offset in Internet Explorer 8. To be honest, when I created the theme I did not take into account how it would look like on IE. I have stopped using IE ever since I installed Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. I did, though, upgraded the IE from IE6 to IE8. Speaking of IE6, I heard that Microsoft would be supporting that godd*** internet browser until 2014. Anyway, about the layout, looks like I will have to fix it so that our dear IE users won’t be suffering heart attacks from looking at the theme.

//This is not a sponsored post. I just feel like sharing it with everybody.//
Has anybody heard of Standard Chartered eCash? I just found out about this program from a friend of mine. This is a program where anybody above 12 years of age can apply for a card that you can use for paying bills online, in-store shopping, internet purchases, download e-games, etc. Basically, you can use it wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed. It sounds like a debit card or a credit card, but it isn’t. The difference is that, you don’t need to have a bank account or income statement to apply and use the card. All you need to do is download the application form, fill it in with your details, go to the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) branch with your IC or passport and you’ll get your card approved instantly. What’s even more exciting, you can buy the card with zero balance in the card. The ToS says, “There is no minimum Card Value for the Card and a Card may be purchased with zero Card Value.

So how can you use the card with no credits/money inside?
Simply go to any of the Standard Chartered Bank ATM machines or Cash Deposit Machines and top-up your card there. 😉 For more info, just go to Standard Chartered eCash.

Please take note that as far as I know this program is only available for Standard Chartered Bank in Brunei and I am not sure if it is available in SCB branches in other countries. Please check it with your local SCB.

The school holidays will start tomorrow which means I will have 2 weeks of no students coming to bug me with all sorts of excuses for not submitting their work on time.

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