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The second-last hurdle

I’m sorry I have been neglecting the blog for some time. And I still have a pile of comments pending for reply. This is because I have been and still am, busy with my final exams. Today is my second last paper and on the last paper will be on Wednesday. Wish me luck. About the comments, I promise I’ll return them after Wednesday.

I’m working on a new layout for Nekonette. I’m trying on a different approach for the layout. It will be a little different from all the layouts used on Nekonette in terms of the placement of things. I can’t promise anything superb though, because I haven’t actually finalised the draft.

I am also building up a site for the domain I won from CBD-Hosting‘s contest in March. I have not decided what to use the domain for but I’m thinking of turning into a photoblog. But there is also a chance I am going to use it as my site collective, seeing that the current site for it is down and I suspect it will be down for an indefinite time (because I can’t contact the host).

I think I’m running out of things to say, so I’ll leave you guys for now. 🙂

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