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If you are looking for WordPress templates, perhaps you should give this website a try. WP Rex is a website dedicated to provide you with WordPress themes of great qualities. Many of the themes on the website are created by the WP Rex team, but you can also find user-submitted themes. In fact, if you have some themes of your own that you would like to share with the WordPress community, you can send upload to this website.

WP Rex have a wide range of themes available on the website, from magazine WordPress themes to women WordPress themes, you can find almost every category. The website have a good navigational structure that makes searching for themes easier. They also have the live demo function that allows you to see how a theme looks like on a website.

The themes are displayed on the index page, which makes it all the easier for visitors because they do not have to go through layers of links just to get to the themes. Moreover, the latest themes are placed on the first page so that visitors can always be sure they know which themes are new. Below each screenshot of the theme includes the theme’s download count. This is to let the visitors to know how popular the theme is.

The WP Rex website is nice and easy to navigate around. There are some improvements that need to be included though, For example, the header looks a little bit empty and dry. The empty area could be filled in some eye-catching designs that would make visitors want to come back to the website.

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