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Pushing forward

A few nights ago I was attempting to write my own WordPress plugin. I thought it would be easy since some of the simple plugins only need one file. Turns out it was more complicated than that. I think I’ll need to do some more research on plugin structure before attempting to write it again.

HAPPY CSS NAKED DAY to those who are going for it. And HAPPY EASTER DAY to those who are celebrating it.

A few more weeks to the finals and then I will be doing four weeks of Teaching Practice in one of the high schools. I know I should be feeling excited about this but I’m not sure if I’m 100% ready for it. Unlike most of my colleagues, I have not completed my major courses so I can’t be confident I’d be able to teach the subject. But I should not moan and bang my head over this. I’m going to make it work, somehow.

Just to let everybody know, if you guys notice some of my posts have a tinge of formality and seem to lean towards talking about certain products/services, that is because I am doing some paid reviews. I am trying to make some dosh from the internet to pay for my online activities. I know some, if not many, of you would probably be looking at this thing with disdain. And I apologise for that.

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