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Phone is fixed, plugin is not.

Three days ago I was fiddling with my WordPress files. Somehow it managed to screw up the comment threading feature. If a user wants to reply to a comment, the reply would be posted as a new, separate comment instead of as threaded comment. I have not been able to fix it because I don’t know where the problem lies in. I don’t want to use the Thread Comments plugin because I am too lazy to edit the CSS and stuff, plus I’m using way too much plugins already so I’m trying to avoid adding in more plugins if I can.

My phone’s power socket was busted this morning when my sister accidentally dropped it on the floor. I was incredibly furious and upset about it. After class, Leon and I went to the phone’s store and tried to get the phone fixed. Luckily they were able to do it because otherwise I would be forced to buy a new phone and that would be sucky because I don’t really want to use a different phone as the one I currently own is the one that Leon bought for me.

I think I need to stop sleeping so late, because I’m starting to develop the ‘panda’ eyes. I’ve tried looking for eye creams that work but it seems that the only one that actually does the work and doesn’t give me irritation is Olay Total Effects Eye Cream. I love that product! But meh, maybe it’s because I’ve been using Olay products for some time so I tend to develop the tendency to give positive reviews of Olay products. Hahaha!

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