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Have you taken a look at this website: MartorUSA.com?
If you haven’t, maybe you should because they are safer cutting specialists, which means they sell all sorts of cutting tools. Before looking at this website, I never knew that blades could be shaped in different ways. The blades that this company produce can be used on almost any material and for almost any purpose you can think of. You can find box cutter, cardboard cutter, plastic cutter, etc.
The cool thing about this website is that, it also has a product wizard that could help you to choose a specific safety knife that best fits your needs. That way you don’t have to buy 3-5 knives to see if any will do the work for you. And if you are unlucky, none of the knives would. Now wouldn’t that be a waste of money? And they even have training videos to teach you on how to use the different knives. Handy!

So if you are looking for safety knives, look no more because MartorUSA has everything that you need.

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