Real life

Is this the time?

I’m currently picking up some piano music lesson. Honestly, I should try learning some musical instrument. Of all musical instruments I much prefer the piano (or a keyboard). I don’t really like other string instruments because they tend to snap on your finger when you least expected it. And I don’t fancy wind instruments because I don’t have that much lung power. So I’m sticking with a keyboard. I’ve actually got one at home but it rarely gets used, practically because nobody knows how to play it. Plus, we lost the power cable. I need to get it replaced before I could do some Anybody has any idea where I can get some good online tutorials on how to learn piano?

My dad has agreed to buy us a router. Thank God. No more single-user-broadband connection for us. Yay! I’m already getting sick of having to use my own phone SIM card to get onto the net. Finally it’s time to put that into the past.

Offline-wise, this morning I was doing some laundry and when it was time to hang up the clothes, the rain came pouring down. I was like, “oh shit.” Well, I am actually glad of the change of weather because it had been unusually hot these few days but when you’ve got a heap of laundry to dry, that is just plain irritating.

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