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I killed the website

This morning i woke with a peaceful feeling. I hadn’t felt this way since God knows when. Normally, I would wake up thinking about unfinished assignments or worrying about an upcoming test. But today, I was just thinking of myself. And then, just as I was about to get up and go for shower, I took a look at my phone and I saw a text message from Leon. This is what is says,

“Gabby’s test! Email it to him ASAP!”

Oh. Shit.
Gabby’s test refers to a quiz we did in our Geography class yesterday. We were supposed to email the test answers as soon as we finished it but Leon and I were such in haste to leave the class (we had other things to sort out) so by the end of the day, we have completely forgotten about the test. And Gabby is our little nickname for the lecturer. 😉

Anyway, upon receiving the text, I jumped out of bed, rummaged through my bag, pull out the pendrive and ran off to my brother’s room (where the broadband was), and emailed the quiz answers.
Heh. So much for a peaceful morning.

Yesterday I sent an email to my bank to ask them a few things. When I hit the submit button, two contradicting messages popped up. One said, “Your email has been sent” and the other message said, “An error has occurred.” So I have no idea of telling whether my email was sent or not. I’m giving them 3 days to reply to the email and if I don’t hear them by then, there’s a good chance my email did not go through. In fact, I can’t even the bank’s website right now. Gosh, don’t tell me that one, harmless email is somehow capable of breaking the whole system down. That would be too awesome. Haha!

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