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How should I move on?

There are times when I feel like blogging has been more like a chore rather than a hobby. There’s nothing about blogging being a chore, of course, because lots of people out there write blogs as a means of making a living. But for myself, the moment blogging becomes a task that needs to be done regardless whether I feel like doing it or not, then maybe it is time to consider if I should stop doing it. I mean, it’s not like I have a lot of hits to be proud of, or a lot of visitors to entertain, so if I were to disappear from the blogosphere one day, hardly anyone would miss me. I think that’s what the author on Confoozled must be thinking of as well.

I must be getting old because I don’t seem to know who are the new people in the music industry nowadays. Last time I heard it was Justin Bieber. FYI, I have no bloody idea who he is. In fact, the first time I heard about him was only when I start seeing tweets about him and my sister mentioning him once. I was like, “Justin who?” and “What do you mean it isn’t about Justin Timberlake anymore?!” and “Oh? It’s Miley Cyrus now eh? No more Britney Spears?” Oh dear God, I feel old. Well, obviously everybody is getting older but I feel more than that. It feels like I’m so beyond that. Like as if those kind of things don’t matter to me anymore.

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