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Clash of the Plot Lines

Thank you for all the suggestions on piano/keyboard stuff. You guys have been awfully helpful. Love you, guys! :heart:
[If you have no idea, what I’m talking about, click here.

I’ve always thought that Nekonette is a unique name, but as I was Googling (is that even a valid word? LOL.) ‘nekonette’ the other day, I was surprised to see that the word is actually being used by other people as well. In fact, I even came across to one account on Deviantart that uses nekonette as the account name. Oh wow. Just so that people don’t get all confused, I do have a Deviantart account as well, but it is under the name chibikittymeow.

This afternoon Leon and I went to watch The Clash of the Titans. It was our first movie outing together this year. We had been too busy with university stuff so we didn’t actually have the time for movies. So anyway, we went to watch this movie. I initially thought it was going to be an awesome movie, the trailer looked interesting and all but **SPOILER ALERT** it wasn’t so. I know the moviemakers wanted to spice up the movie but what the fuck was the movie all about? There were no titans (unless they were actually referring titan in the true sense of the word = huge, humongous, grand, etc). Plus, what the heck was a Scandinavian creature (Kraken) doing in Greek mythology??? It got lost, did it? If that’s not enough, what were Djinns (or Jinns, depending on how you spell it) doing in the movie?? They even got these surreal glowing blue eyes which reminded me of the Transformers’ eyes (they also had giant scorpions as pets. Scorponok, anyone?). I’m sorry If I sound too judgmental, I simply think that it is an insult to a classic literature. Leon and I had decided to rename the movie as Clash of the Plot Lines. XD

Gold coins? Anybody interested? I’m not really into this thing actually, gold being tacky for me. But perhaps it is something that you’d like to invest your money on? Or maybe you are thinking of they ways to safekeeping your gold coins and bullions. If you do, maybe you’d like to consider buying gold bullion. We don’t have this kind of thing in my country. Well, maybe we do, I just never bothered to check.

Chibiholic‘s birthday is coming up soon. I might be hosting a domain giveaway. I know people have been asking me about this so heh, we’ll see how it goes first. 🙂

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