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Bringing back the past

Do you guys remember this? I bet most of you do. 😉

Nintendo NES Super Mario

For those who have not seen this game before, this is the Super Mario Bros., one of the most played game in the whole world. But what makes this particular version is special, it is the version that was made for the Nintendo NES platform. O yeah, those of you who are old enough would know this. I’m sure this is old news but do you know that you could play all there classic games even if you don’t own the game stations anymore? O yes, you can. You could now play them on your computer! Just look for the emulators (virtual stations) up on Google. For example, ‘Nintendo NES emulator’ and for the rom (games), just Google ‘Nintendo NES Super Mario rom’.

I’m really glad they created these emulators and roms, because I get to play all the games I used to play when I was a kid. Hahaha!

This morning our History class was having a movie session (Elizabeth) but Leon and I skipped the class because we’ve watched the movie twice. No point staying in the class to watch something you’ve already watched a week before. LOL!

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