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Do you guys own a home theater system? Or are you planning to buy it? If you are looking for one, well look no more. Check out this gorgeous home theater system.

Philips HTS8100 Home Theater System
Philips HTS8100 Home Theater System

The design of this home theater system is pretty neat and stylish. Not too fancy or anything and keeping to the minimalist look. And because of that, it takes up only a little space; quite useful if you don’t have much space in your house. Besides that, it has a DVD player that is nicely tucked in the system.

If you have an iPod, this is where it gets better. This home theater system has an iPod dock where you can just connect your iPod to the system and play your music from the iPod. Cool huh?

The system lacks video input and doesn’t sound too awesome with music, though. And the extra iPod dock just adds more wires to it. It would have been better if the dock is in-built.

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