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A small confession

I was reading a book by T. S. Monk titled Brunei Days. It was about an Englishman’s personal view and first-hand experience of the life in Brunei during the post-war (after the Second World War) time. There was one special sentence from the book that I’d like to quote,
“And when parents, of any race in Brunei, disapproved of anything, it was difficult for the children to go against their wishes.”

What he said was true, and still is. Which makes life sometimes difficult for the young people. You want to do this, but your mom says you can’t. You want to do that, but your father is against it. The only time when you are free to do according to your heart’s desires is once you are married and started a family of your own. But even that shadows of your parents will still not be too far behind you.

I’ve given this a long thought and wonder what will happen to me. My parents, and especially my mom, belong to that category. I shall excuse you from having to learn what kind of life I’m living. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Suffice to say, there are times when I feel like running away from home. But I know I’ll never get to really do it, simply because, I just don’t have the guts.

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