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Back to Reality

My half-semester break is over and now I’m back in university again. Honestly, the holidays didn’t feel like holidays. I still had to come to the university to attend some classes.
This second half of the semester is going to be a busy time for me. Works are piling up, and so are presentations. Lots of pressure, that’s for sure.

Site-wise, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new layout. This layout is a little simpler than the previous one, but that’s mostly due to my laziness and the lack of inspirations. Some people have expressed their liking to the layout and I’m pretty much satisfied with that.

So far I have around 10 people participating in the White Valentine’s Day Writing Contest. It was rather unexpected and I’m glad that many people have taken interest in this contest. Not bad for Nekonette‘s first contest. LOL! 3 more days left before the registration for the contest is closed and 4 more days to submit your entry. So if you plan to join the contest, you still have some time.

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