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I don’t want to say goodbye

Have you ever thought of wanting to go back to your childhood days? Most people when asked this question said, yes. Yes in the sense of I-do-want-to-go-back-to-the-past-but-just-to-take-a-look-then-I’ll-go-back-to-the-present. So there you go. You don’t really want to go back and stay there, you just want to feel what it is like to relive your past days. On the other hand, it is also often to hear young people, especially teenagers saying, “I can’t wait until I leave school. I’m sick of it already.” I completely understand this. After all, I was in that phase too years ago. But when you take a look at it again, do you really want to leave the care-free life you are living? Do you want to go through all the headaches the adults face everyday? Not that I’m saying young people don’t have responsibilities, but they have a lot less things to worry than the grown-ups.

I’m considering not to renew when the time comes. I finally realized that I will never get around to do anything to it. Sure I’ve done some revamping to it but my heart isn’t there anymore. All this time, deep down inside me I know I have to let it go but I was loathe to do so because of sentimental value; it was my first ever domain. But I guess all things have its own place and time but in the end, everything must come to pass and this time it will be for Chibiholic. 😥

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