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Thank God I have you

I missed being surrounded by friends. I mean, real friends. Not just some bunch of people who stick to you because you are somebody or because they need your help with something. I don’t seem to have friends anymore, offline-wise. In fact, I’ve stopped having real friends after high school. Sure there are one or two who are closer to me than others, but I no longer talk to them on daily basis. It makes me wonder if the problem comes from me. Maybe it is, because I’m rather picky in my choice of friends. I choose to be with people who have the same interests as I do, and those are mostly on the internet and books. But it is hard to find people who fall into both categories. It’s either one of that or none at all. And when I refer to the internet, I don’t mean the online games and when it comes to books, magazines on celebrities don’t count either.
I think it was such a blessing when Leon stepped into my life. I’ve finally found somebody whom I can talk to and whom I can take advice from. We share a couple of interests such as mythology, European history and science.

Last Friday I was in the university’s library doing some research for my presentation when I heard this loud music coming from a phone. Normally I wouldn’t be so much bothered by it. In fact I enjoy listening to what kind of ringtones people use on their phones. What I have a problem with is the fact that this particular person who deliberately refused to put her phone on silent mode while she was in the library. Her phone kept on ringing every few minutes and I swear to God, I feel like giving her a good lecture on the proper etiquette in being in a library.
It gets me thinking, what makes a person educated? Is it a piece of certificate or is it the ability to discern what’s appropriate and what isn’t? Maturity doesn’t necessarily comes with age. Ick.

By the way, happy 26th National Day to my dear country, Brunei Darussalam. To my fellow countrymen: May God bless us and protect the country we love.

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