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Ouch! I hurt myself

Sorry to those who wanted to vote for me but was unable to due to a problem with CBD Hosting‘s server. All the problems have been fixed now so you may start voting again. 🙂

I know I mentioned about letting Chibiholic expire and not renew it but somehow Leon managed to persuade to keep it for another year. Now, you may think I am not true to my word but really, it is hard to let that domain go. 😥

On another note, the fanlisting I created has been approved by the TFL. :heart: The fanlisting I created is a fanlisting for a Malaysian comic (Helios Eclipse). You can find it under the Comic > Global Manga category. The fanlisting will open to accept members soon. 😉

I just realised that I hadn’t announced the opening of my other site: Some of you have known about it, I’m sure. I’d love to ramble about the site here but I think it is best to let the website itself do the talking for me. 😉

Leon and I had to skip a lecture and tutorial today so that we could do our cartography work. I don’t mind missing the lecture (both of us need a break from that lecture, haha!) but skipping a tutorial isn’t really a good option. Bad enough one of us wasn’t there, but with both of us absent from the class, you bet we would be subjected to interrogation by the lecturer next week. Hahaha!

Last Tuesday both of us went for a swim at his family’s swimming pool. Even though I can’t swim, I had fun splashing around in the pool. The bad thing that came out of it was I bumped my head against the wall while trying to do some diving in the kids pool. 😥 It bloody hurt so much that both the bump and pain are still there right now. Well, I hope it doesn’t leave any permanent damage to my skull.

In the past few days I had been in a state of emotional insecurity. I’ve blogged about this on but goddamnit, I need to vent my frustration here. iofhrilnbrekgjweoijfgieqvnqegji3roghdl bnkfdnb jbhfikbjrw jvherkibh ekrjghirvhewf virghvoiwf vjghoiwfh wjghwoifj vwhrgoiwhvvwrihgoiwrjg viwrghoi g3pfkd;bj vwirutgirvn ierubwo’qf rivh JFHEURF GWKRUGHWKE FJBJDSVBI3O;. Urghhh, there, done spamming my own blog. Seriously, this has left me mentally and physically exhausted.

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