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Beep! I’m alive!

Right, as promised earlier on, I’ll be re-writing a proper blog now. Ehem..

Ah before that, in case some of you are wondering where had I been in the past few days, I was actually in a distraught state. There was a couple of personal life issues that need to resolved. And I would also like to thank everyone who had given me support and comfort during those difficult times. I love you guys so much. :kiss: :heart:

I need to start working on this website again. It’s been quite a while since the last time I added in articles/tutorials. Gotta think of a good topic to write on. Hmm. And uh, I need to start returning the comments. I’ve done some this afternoon but there are still a couple that need to returned.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year to everyone. Hopefully everybody had a nice holiday. My Val’s Day wasn’t that fun because Leon and I didn’t see each other day but I received a little red packet from my Chinese neighbour, so that pretty much lifted my spirits. I just hope March 15 would turn up to be a lot better. 😉

A few nights ago I somehow cut my finger while washing the dishes. I accidentally broke a drinking glass and the cut was pretty deep and I bled rather badly. 😥 Apparently that type of glass breaks easily. My dad once accidentally dropped another drinking glass (of the same make) months ago into the kitchen sink. The drop wasn’t bad, it was only about a few centimetres drop but somehow it managed to chip off some of the glass. o_O I swear I’m not gonna touch any of those glasses ever again.

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