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School starts, but not for me.

I didn’t get to properly wish everyone a Happy New Year on January the 1st. Truly sorry about that. 🙁

So now I am going to do it properly. 😉

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2010 brings all of us lots of joy, love and success. Love you guys!

Tomorrow, most of the school kids are going to be back in school as the new term reopens. I still have another week of holiday which (hopefully) will give me some time to upload things on to Chibiholic. And I still need to get Kya to register the new domain I randomly won. I’ve thought of a name for it but I still have no purpose for it. I was thinking of making it into either: a photoblog or a place where I can store my university stuff. I’ve yet to make a decision. 😥

Speaking of domains, Georgina of Heartdrops.org is holding a domain contest on her site. It is similar to the Namecheap’s Trivia Contest but definitely not the same! Do visit her site to find out more about the contest. 😉

Leon got me a couple of stuff from Singapore. Two books from the Dummies series, a pink scrapbook, a National Geographic Society journaling book and an Atlas on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. Yay! :heart:

If there is anything that I hate more than splash pages and pop-up messages, it’s the excessive use of Javascript. It makes your page to load up slower because when a page downloads a Javascript file, it blocks all the other resources (such as images, style sheets, iframes, etc.) in the pages from being downloaded hence it results in the slowing down of the page load-up time. Unfortunately, many people have not come to realise this, or probably they do, but they purposely turn on a blind eye.

New affiliates: Enterprise of So-Faintly.info and Jenn of Vanitydreams.info.

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