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Rainy days

The first week of the semester has gone well. My tutorial classes have been sorted out so that’s one thing off my to-do list. Most of my classes (lectures+tutorials) are in the morning so my afternoons are pretty much left empty. I like that way because it gives me some room to spend time with Leon as well as time to do all the researches and such.

I’d like to share this one particular piece of news with all of you. Last Friday Leon had participated in the shooting tournament for the university’s army cadets and he bagged home two gold awards; one was for the group category and the other was for individual category. I bet he will be going for the nation-wide tournament next and I hear if he wins that too, he can represent the country for the international-level one. :heart: It means a lot to him because Leon is not exactly the athletic-type of guy and winning two categories is such a feat for him. But his winning also means a lot to me because it solidifies my support for him as an army cadet. I have never fully approved of him joining the army because it takes up most of our time together. And it has become the source of some of our arguments in the past. But I have been a lot more supportive since then and I find it is a lot easier than going frustrated over it all the time.

It has been raining all the time for the past few days. Normally I would be glad of this change of weather (it’s hot here!) but the non-stop downpour is causing a lot of trouble for people. In fact, there was even a solar eclipse on Friday but a lot of people didn’t know it happened because of the bad weather. Places get flooded and I can’t bloody do the laundry! Luckily the place where I live is pretty much above the sea level so it doesn’t get flooded easily. Leon is pretty much enjoying the weather though, because it reminds him of the summer in Ireland. Haha!

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