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Fish? No, thanks.

I went for the Geography field work yesterday at the beach. Leon and I did the cultural aspect of the landscape along with a couple of our friends, which was the wet market. It went quite well despite the strong smell of fish that surrounded us. The smell was so overpowering, it gave me a mild headache. Ugh, I hate it so much.

Field works here in Brunei, unlike in some other countries, are quite safe and generally non-life threatening activities though yesterday’s field work can be considered as an exception – our lecturer almost fell off a small cliff at the beach.

Leon and I had a big argument on last Thursday. It was a stupid quarrel over a stupid reason and I was really being stupid at that time. I’m glad we made up eventually because it would be absolutely idiotic to break up over such a petty thing.

Site-wise, I’m still working on that fanlisting project and I hope it gets approved by TAFL. Speaking of fanlistings, Dorine had created a fanlisting on me. That is so nice of her. I personally feel I don’t deserve it but it is always sweet to know that there is someone out there appreciating you. 🙂 You can visit the fanlisting here.

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