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The end and a new beginning

One more day and we will step into another year. Wow. 2009 had been a wonderful year. I found a lot of new friends, and I gained a whole lot of new experiences. It has been a truly amazing year for me and I hope it is the same for all of you. Hopefully 2010 will be bring more joy and wonderful things to us.

Guess what? I am a random winner of the domain competition hosted by Kya @ bubble.nu. I didn’t win the big prize (a .nu domain) though, but a TLD is really good enough for me. Wow, it was indeed a pleasant surprise! But I don’t know yet what domain name extension I want to get, I don’t even know what name I want to give and I don’t even have an idea what to use the domain for. o_O Hopefully an inspiration will come to me soon.

I’ve upgraded the BellaBuzz Ask and Answer to the latest version (BellaBuzz V2). The most prominent feature that can be seen in the new version is the optional field for name. Users can now leave their names if they wish. I’ve also written a tutorial on how to upgrade the script without losing the answered questions in the existing version.

I’m picking up Sudoku and Rubik’s Cube again after a few months. I find puzzles to be mentally challenging and that’s what makes them really interesting.

I’m selling my new domain mystifique.com. I bought it from Namecheap and it has never been used before. So if you are interested in buying it off me, just contact me using the contact form or you can just email me directly.

1. Had 2009 been a satisfying year for you?
2. What do you like best about 2009?

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