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Merry (belated) Christmas

This is getting extremely annoying. Ever since the site’s transfer to the new host, I’ve been having a lot of ‘downtime’ issues; I can’t view my site and I can’t access my CPanel using the browsers. It isn’t a problem with the host (because I’ve checked all the other sites hosted under the same server) nor has it got to do with my laptop (I tried it with another laptop as well) so it could be some other technical issues. But I have no bleeding idea whatsoever on how to resolve this. 😥
It makes it all the more fugging difficult to edit my site, update the blog, and manage my hostees’ accounts because I can’t fugging access the CPanel through the browsers. Now I am totally dependant on my trusty Nokia..

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! I know it’s a bit too late to say it but, it’s better late than never. 😉

I’ve been falling back in blogging as well as in returning comments. I’ve been busy with real life things and they just take so much of my energy and time.

In a few days time we’ll be leaving 2009. Oh wow, how fast the time flies. Gee…

Oh I forgot to mention in my previous posts that Dec 8 was the remembrance day of the 1962 Rebellion (or the 1962 Revolt). The only rebellion we ever had in my country ever. Long story, but basically it broke out because of some people’s selfish ambitions. Pah.

I’m gonna talk a bit on my country’s history so it may get a little bit boring. My country (Brunei) was a fairly large Southeast Asian empire in the 15th century, covering almost the whole of the Borneo Island and some parts of the Philippines but over the time it has shrank due to err… various political reasons that I dare not to mention because it is such a touchy subject. But anyway, it continued to shrank until it was more or less the size of the present day Brunei. In the late 19th century, Brunei was at the brink of extinction. Yes, EXTINCTION. We had no real revenue because all the lands that were supposed to generate incomes for us had either been, leased or sold. So the only incomes we had were from the annual payment of the leased lands. No money, no development for us and we were doomed to die out.
But I suppose God still had some mercy for us because at the moment when things were about to get worse, a silver lining had appeared to us. It would be too long if I talk about what it was so I’ll just sum it up, in short words, we were saved. God be praised.

There are times when I can’t view my site and I do not know if it is just me. But some of my friends also told me they were having the same problem. I hope it is just because of the browsers’ cached memory and not the server.

P.S.: Can everyone see the favicon? It doesn’t seem to load up on my Firefox.

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