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Is IE8 for you?

What is technology to you? Do you buy laptops because you think it’s trendy? Do you buy handphones because all your friends have them? Do you buy iPods because you saw your neighbour just bought one for himself last week?

Your answer is probably based on your necessities. That’s alright. But the issue that I am going to bring up this time is about someone who buys stuff for the sake of owning it.

Now I don’t have a problem with that. I do that as well. I buy scrapbooking items because of the sake of owning them. Plus it’s my own money. I get to spend it the way I see is best. However, a few hours ago someone contacted me with this question:

“Hey, which of these two phones should I buy, Nokia XXXX or Sony Ericsson XXXX?”

I replied by asking her back if she had checked out both phones’ specifications. After all, that is the thing that you should be looking for before picking a phone, isn’t it? And her reply shocked me. I swear you could have knocked me off my chair with a feather after reading it.

“Do I have to?”

God help me. I then proceeded on asking what was the reason for her wanting to buy the phone. And she told me it was because the phones came in pink colour.

*pours coffee on self*

Leon got me a Christmas gift. I was supposed to keep it until Christmas but my impatience got the better of me. So I ended up opening the gift and it was a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! :heart:

I know many people out there still uses IE, despite the known technical issues of it. This is especially true among the non-web techies because their internet activities are limited to surfing the net to look for information or do online shopping. If you tell them to switch to other browsers, they’d give you a response similar to this one,

“Why do I need to use other browser when IE can do the same for me?”

Well, aside from the slow loading up time and the frequent crashes which may occur at the most inconvenient time (such as while you are in the middle of doing online transaction) which could result in you losing a couple of bucks, IE is probably for you then. *shrugs*

Anyway, good news for them, IE developers are working on the IE8 to ensure it will be better than it’s predecessors. Perhaps in the near future we will see a much better and improved IE. The developers next worry is probably how to get back the trust of the users who had ditched IE.

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Question for you:

What are your best and worst school day memories?


  1. I think you just left me a comment or left me a comment earlier but it got totally blocked as spam by my plugin… but I’m just coming by anyway.

    My brother is only 14 so he can’t really live by himself at the moment!

    LOL I see what you mean about groping in the dark. If it’s in my room though, that’s okay… I believe I know what is in my room. XD

    Aww, yay, chocolate! Although I don’t really feel like chocolate now because I’m sick. D:

    It took a lot for me to bother getting Firefox and other browsers, when I was still stuck on IE. I thought it was okay until I realised all the crummy problems I had and how crap my site looked in Firefox. Never looked back!

    It’s good that they’re working on it though. With the number of haters, they ought to have done this a while ago… XD

    What are your best and worst school day memories?
    Ugh… I remember a lot of lunchtimes with my best friends where we just bummed around and did crazy things. I can’t remember exactly. But there were times when we’d sneak out of school at lunch just to get gourmet food down the road. LOL.
    The worst would have to be those gloomy days of exams, and the times when teachers were just crap. XD

  2. Wow, see I don’t understand people that buy things because its “popular” or “trendy” and i especially don’t understand someone paying for anything just because of its color. I’m a money hoarder. I don’t spend my money unless its for something important, and I don’t exactly keep up on trends.

    Ferrero Rocher are sooooooooooooo good! My pregnant belly wants some now! Darnit, and its too late to go out. *sniffle*

    And lastly, I honestly was using IE forever, until I found out my website looked like utter crap in firefox because I was designing it to look good in IE. Yeah, i haven’t touched IE in a couple months now. Much much happier with firefox yup yup

  3. Hi Kitty!

    I just saw your comment in my mailbox recently, because I turned off Maple just now. I am too stuck to Maple, haha. Alright, I’ll reply your comment first, before commenting on your post, sis!

    Yeah. It was simply just a chair. Why must he plug out the thumbdrive? I am really puzzled. If he wanted to make me laugh or get angry, he could just tickle me when I was playing MapleStory!

    Well, yeah. But I don’t know why, why is it such a coincidence? He registered in Facebook the moment I registered. Just twenty minutes before me! For MapleStory, he copied my second brother. The keys are the same, my brother introduced him to it, and my brother taught him how to play MapleStory.

    I am no good at making WordPress themes unless you ask me to customize it. It might be so much easier if I make a layout with no pictures but that is so dull. I am terrible in drawing, so I give up. No more drawing for me, unless I am making christmas gifts or birthday gifts.

    Firstly, to me, I would not really like a laptop unless I have to bring it to school or work next time. I like desktops because my eyes are naked, and laptop screens are pretty tiny, and I get laggy sometimes with just two tabs and Messenger.

    I don’t buy iPods, or MP3s or these types of things. Nor do I like branded goods. I don’t like handphones(only the games, like Connect 4). They are simply so irritating, and if I lose them I get into trouble, and that is the worst part.

    OMG!! She never compared the phones’ features? And she just wanted to buy it because of the pink colour? That sucks. It is a big waste of money. And when you get bored of it it is totally useless, actually.
    You are lucky! You got a Christmas gift. I don’t even have one, but I don’t want one. Just $20 USD would do. Because I need to pay for something, which is secret between me and Georgina ๐Ÿ˜› I will tell you when i get the money and the item xD

    Well, that is others’ opinion about browsers. I don’t really care actually, just that I hate the google toolbars in IE, and the bookmarks station. It sucks. I also don’t like how it can’t really change it’s theme, and I prefer Google Chrome to IE because it loads like lightning and it also allows users to change their themes. I like the login part where we login to the cPanel’s theme. I mean, the pop up section.

    Ooh! I’ve checked out the forum and joined it. Nice forum, and good purpose! Anyway, your Leon is a good catch, say hi to him for me!

    Love ya sis ^^

  4. I never get anything just to have it. I get things I really want or need. There doesn’t need to be anything technical about using IE vs. Firefox. All someone has to do is try Firefox to see the marked improvement in surfing experience. There are just a lot of people who don’t know a modem from a hard drive, and can’t handle any sort of change.

  5. Yeah, I have heard about it and it seems like it does.

    Well, I like snow but after a while I can’t wait for summer and vise-versa. So it is good to have both =)

  6. I would have, but the weird thing was that it was totally blocked from my site so it wasn’t even posted. It was detected as you being on a proxy, lol. :S

    LOL. Yeah I know. I think she should have at least lowered her voice. She was so freaking rude, and the bus was so quiet except for her voice. T_T

    Hahaha. Ugh, I know what you mean! I was at work all day the past few days, and when I felt a desperate need to blow my nose, I’d take a trip to the bathroom. In high school, my friend wanted to blow his nose very hard so he exited the classroom to be polite. We heard him from inside HAHA. I sometimes feel like I want to blow mine really hard too.

    And it’s annoying when you don’t want to move out but you choose to blow your nose inside and you don’t want to annoy anyone! T_T

    Haha I guess so! Some people still use IE. Please stop! XD

  7. Wow! I immediately joined that forum. Such a good idea – seriously. A whole community of people who like doing what I do? I’m in.

    Ack! Before spending a crap-load of money on something, especially a phone, I would check out the specifications. I would never put down money on an item that I don’t know anything about. I’m kind of a money-hoarder, though, so I need to make sure what I’m buying is worth it. <.๐Ÿ™‚ I can safely say I’ll never go back to IE or CuteNews, haha.

    Wow, such a long comment… sorry about that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS – EEE I love your emoticons!

  8. Yeah, my host managed to fix it; hopefully it stays up! =D

    Sadly, no… The only technician that’s specifically for my laptop is in Seattle (it’s actually the only one in the state). >< Haha, I know… now I have to wait another 3 weeks. ๐Ÿ™ Well, my mom is taking forever to fax the receipt.

    Mhm… It's the season of giving! =D

    Ugh… people are so selfish sometimes. I know when I bought my laptop, I was careful to pick the right one; I think I picked the WRONG one considering it crashed. XD I dunno though… lots of people are asking for iTouch's or iPhone's; I got my iTouch last year but that's only because I deserved it. Mom thought I did a reasonable job on my exams so she bought me something that she knew I wanted; it’s not like I want it to just have it because I swear I treat it like it’s my baby. x)

    Never really seen the difference between browsers myself but, I personally like Safari and Firefox the best; Google Chrome is kind of weird (thought it does load fast).

    By the way, love the new layout! This is the first time I’ve seen it; yours is by far the most festive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh god. I used a smiley face in the middle of my comment and it totally deleted a good paragraph or two. Aghhh. T_T That’s why the italicized portion sort of makes no sense… I’m not even sure how it got italicized…

    In a nutshell, I said I only used IE until I found a better browser – FireFox. Just like how I used CuteNews until I found out how to use WordPress. I’ll never go back to IE or CuteNews – never ever. :shine:

  10. I’m not a Miley Cyrus big fan. I just love some of the song, ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel sorry for the cat too. Eaten by a stupid owner -__-

    Seriously, you’re friend should check the specs before buying it, About the pink color you can buy a $5 casing :what!?:

    Wow, Leon is so nice! You should take a good care of him ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ie sucks, I hate it because it is slow and they always open a link in a new window. Maybe it is the setting but I don’t want to spent my time for a browser I rarely use :phew:

  11. I knew you love pink but I didn’t know you collect pink-coloured items like ‘bedsheets, pillow, blankets and a couple of other items are all pink in colour.’ because I collect pink stuffs too, bedsheets, blankets etc. Recently, my dad bought me a pink blanket, pink again~ I love pinkkkkk.

    I dont know where to comment your ‘about me’ ^^


    1. Kitty

      You can just leave the comment on the ‘About Me’ here in this comment box.

  12. I can’t stand people who choose gadgets over their COLOR. Of all things. Then down the line they complain because a feature isn’t to their liking/is lacking. I remember once back in HS a girl told one of my tech friends that she really didn’t like her laptop, although she bought it because it was ‘the prettiest’ at a local Best Buy. I wanted to slap her. Although that could just be the techie in me speaking, but still. Not exactly something I like to deal with. :pissedoff:

    Oh IE8. I have no clue if that’ll even come out fine. A lot of people are still using IE6, of all things. Messy work for us developers who have to use PNG hacks because people refuse to upgrade IE or just move to another browser (right now Chrome is winning over FF for me).

  13. Yeah, I know it is. :hmm:

    They did call it global warming but since some places are getting cooler they started calling it global climate change instead. Well, that’s what I heard anyway.

    That is one of my pet peeves. They think they know everything when they don’t. Ugh. I can’t stand them. I wish I could have one gym class without them in it. Even if it was just for one day. :p

    Yes, I didn’t go to school today. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my nose is runny, and my stomach hurts at times. Oddly, no fever though.

  14. I swear I am such a techie “SNOB”

    I honestly should not talk cause before I discovered Firefox as well as those other browsers (i.e. Opera, Chrome, and Safari) I was an IE luva – even done site design and development with IE. Got so use to it that RIGHT BEFORE I switched over to Firefox – I swore or made a vow never to leave IE for another browser…

    Than one day outta curiousity I checked out Firefox – found myself thinking to myself all the while checking out Firefox and it’s features – “Is it really worth giving IE up for this new browser which seems so much more better????” And I knew in a heartbeat that I would be more happier with FireFox – not cause it was better than IE but I guess I was following the latest browser trend @ the time – it was now more commonly use…it was the new IE in my eyes.

    Than I checked out Safari not long after that – I liked Safari but not enough to switch from FireFox to it. Than I checked out Opera not long after Safari – Opera at first was cool…than @ one time I was having browser issues with FireFox and was using Opera for awhile – Opera has some downfalls. I found myself missing FireFox and trying to fix it but couldnt so I was stuck with Opera for a long while – I coulda used Safari but as a webmistress I found Safari to be limited in some areas which was no limitations on Firefox or Opera. Opera also had some issues which I hated and frustrated me – so finally one day I had to update FireFox which seemed to fix my FireFox browser issue and I went back to my favorite browswer of all time – FIREFOX. I am never abandoning or leaving Firefox for another browser. And Chrome – I don’t trust GOOGLE. I use it as last resort or site development and site design reasons but only for compaitability reasons will I ever use it.

    Oh FR, I hear is good gourmet chocolate….*drooling all over her keyboard* Good choice – ya man got good taste in pressies for ya gurl *winx*

    And thanx for promoting BBMB hun – means alot and definitely helping out a great deal. Thanx gain hun

    Have A Good Day!

  15. Oh thank you (: I’m proud of the header, haha. It’s my first actually created from scratch.

    Haha, it’s not worth buying unless you really want to play. I mean, it’s something to do, but I don’t get up and be like I WANNA PLAY, lol.

    Ah, I was like that at first. I thought Twitter was SO dumb, but now I’m addicted, lol.

    Oh my, haha. Picking a phone just because of the color isn’t the best idea. You can always buy a case anyway, lol.

    Hm, I can’t wait for IE8. I’m using IE7 right now. I use Firefox once in awhile, but I’ve always stuck with the basic IE, lol.

  16. Ivy

    I’ve stopped using IE ever since FF came out. I really like FF and its support, so I just stuck with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s much safer and faster than IE anyways. I don’t get why people still uses IE. It’s not that great. They should try FF and they’ll know it’ll change their life forever! Hahahs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Holidays! Take care!

  17. The truth is, I hate using IE since I downloaded MFF. Besides problem viewing the browser loading is very slow.
    Happy holidays and nice X’mas layout!

  18. Doing fine here. Got all the work I need to do done. There’s a fair tomorrow (Saturday) at school so I’m excited! So sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch lately. Working on my hosted site. Have a sneak peek! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Wow, IE8? Didn’t know there was already one. I’m so not-up-to-date. Anyways, yeah, we always have to look at the specifications. “Do I have to?” What a stupid question! Of course she/he should! What? Because it’s PINK?! What is happening to the world right now?

    Ooh, Ferrero Rocher fansey! (yeah, wrong spelling, I know. :P)
    Anyways, fast-forwarding, here is my answer:

    What are your best and worst school day memories?

    Worst: When I got scolded 3 times (by the librarian, the SFC (Student Formation Coordinator and our adviser) because my friend and I were laughing during the Angelus and we weren’t even laughing! I was wiping my face that time with my hanky and my friend, I don’t know. Ugh. Most embarrassing time evah.

    Best: I don’t know. YET.

  19. I love ur topic abt d hp thingy. Same goes wf my fren ere. Adui, she txted me n askin me which is d best? zoom wf prepaid or postpaid bt unlimited usage? i tink u know wich one is d best ryt. I swear if she was bsyd me i reli slap her forehead. i duno smtym d way ppl ask stupid quest feels lyk dey are bragging dat dey hv a lot of $$$. bluerghhh~

  20. Ana

    The truth is… most people these days don’t really need/use or even understand what electronics offer- to most people they just serve a basic purpose. Most people I know just use their phones to make phone calls, but you can’t find any phone model these days that offers only that. They all have frill features. I’m guessing that girl just wants something pink to make phone calls with and she doesn’t care about or want anything else ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Oh me. It really does aggravate me when people go and get items because they are trendy/their friends have them and they know nothing about it. I love technology; laptops, cellphones, etc. but I don’t have “whats hot.” I have an Acer Aspire laptop with Vista because it fit my needs with the best price. I HAD a Pantech Matrix cellphone because Pantech has always been a great brand for me and it was very durable. I recently broke it (it had a good, long run! just..couldnt fight the toilet monster) and have been looking up reviews and specs for a potential new phone. In the meantime I have a cheap gophone from walmart that does its job.

    Mmm.. I love those chocolates.. they are probably my favorite XD /jealous.

    Haha as far as IE goes.. I have been using the interweb since uh.. well, regularly since about 2001 but way before that when Comic Chat was cool. I have been webdesigning on/off since 2001 as well. What browser do I use? IE. Why? Because I don’t like change. I have Firefox and I use that to double check my layouts and such but as shitty as IE is, I just keep on using it.

    What are your best and worst school day memories?
    – Worst is my entire 6th grade year.

    – Best was… Im not sure. I hated school. Maybe the latter part of my Senior Year in HS because we had a small school and Seniors dominated.

  22. Oh, man! I’d never buy anything just because someone else did — That’s such a crazy reason to get something! :pissedoff: Sure, if you want it for yourself simply because you like it, that’s fine and good, ((I do this myself all the time, haha,)) But to buy something just because a friend did is just ridiculous. :what!?: RAGE MODE FULLY ACTIVATED.

    I’m also unimpressed with that girl and her love of pink cellphones, no matter what the specifications are … Ugh! Sounds like she had more money than she knows what to do with … :hmm:

    I’ve always preferred Internet Explorer over other browsers … I never understand it when people claim it’s so horrible. I don’t believe I’ve ever had any major problems with it that I didn’t have using another browser as well … :oh:

    Also, I need to randomly use your singing kitty emoticon now, so she can sing one of Green Day’s songs.

    :* Cast out … Buried in a hole!
    Struck down … Forcing me to fall!
    Destroyed … Giving up the fight!
    Well, I know I’m not alright. :*


  23. Thanks!

    Yeah, it was nice to finally win something. I’ve been trying for months so it’s like a big relief. Plus, when you don’t have extra money, it’s always nice to win something that you don’t really need.

  24. ewh, i personally don’t like IE8, the only thing is that their facebook uploader is a lot faster. lmfao.
    i’m good with my google chrome. (:

    anyways, heeeeeeey !
    i haven’t talked to in like forever !
    how are you doing ? ! (:

  25. LMAO at “pours coffee on self.” ^^ but yeah, even my friend who’s a major tech-head bought a video camera, and he even checked out the specs (coz that’s what you do). anyway, this camera was suppose to be one of our equipments for going ghost hunting — and the ONE THING he didn’t check on — night vision. i asked him about that, and he said, “it didn’t have it.” so, to “solve” this issue — he said he’s gonna hold up his flashlight to it and use it that way^^ good grief! LOL.

  26. hi again kitty.. thanks :heart:
    by the way, i submitted the contact form and added your link already..
    thanks in advance :hee:

  27. Yeah, I’m trying to make one, but GAH it’s horrible. I’ll try again.

    Homeworks can be so stressing. Especially if it’s a homework at a subject I’m not good at.

    Aw, that’s okay. At least you have your own, now!

    Haha. Sure. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I hope my camera still has battery.

    Thanks for the goodluck! Back at you! ๐Ÿ˜› Ugh. Yeah. How crazy

  28. Wow. The fair was boringer that I thought. LOL

  29. That person is dumb to want a phone just because of a colour, if I did that I would be buying every second thing I saaw out there -.-”

    I use the nice and feisty Mozilla Firefox <3 it is waaaay better than IE any day

    Did you eat all the choccie already?/ Mail me some pretty please :p

    What are your best and worst school day memories?
    My best would have to be the whole of Grade 3 in primary school. I had the best teacher ever, she was so stylish, pretty and so so so sweet to me. She always used to buy me chocolates and give me after school <3 she's probably like 28yrs/o now – wish I knew where she was :'(
    Worst?? The whole of my grade ten year – too much drama

    BTW, am actually busy on a cosmetics article if you are interested in checking it out ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a good w/end

    x x x

  30. Oh my gosh, sometimes I find myself getting so annoyed at people who do not understand technical stuff. I’m a major techhie myself, both with regular technology and theatre lighting / sound, so it bugs me when people don’t understand something that seems obvious to me.

  31. Yeah, definitely. Ugh , it’s irritating me just thinking about times in the past where this has happened to me, haha.

    Thanks for the luck! I definitely need it. (:

  32. Yeah. First there was a mass then there was a musical play. The play was the most boring play of all plays. I don’t know. But we were all bored. The fair, well, it was quite boring too. Not much to find. I hope we have BETTER one next year! I also hope that one of our teachers are reading this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. oh… hahas… erm i buy handphone is coz it is really very useful… eg. maybe u gone missing or etc… then u can contact yr parent easily xD LOL… but i nvr gone missing before hahas xD while i saw my brother having a laptop, i really wish i have one too so that nxt time whenever i am free i can just on it & goes blogging xD laptop can oso bring here & there… (: anw hahas I like Ferrero Rocher chocolates too… my neighbour just gave me 1 box few days ago xD hahas…
    NICE! but can’t eat too much or else later will have pimples ^^ hope u got more xmas gifts (:
    P/S: sry that i can’t comment much as my english is not very gd xD BTW yr smileys are CUTE!

  34. Gel

    What are your best and worst school day memories?
    This is kinda hard to answer for the reason that i’m graduating from college soon so there’s just so much memories I need to rethink and all. Oh well. I’m surely gonna miss school despite all the stresses it’s been causing me lately! Haha!

    I can’t believe your friend for not minding the specs. Yes, I buy some gadgets coz of the specifications and the kind of necessity I have for it but of course it’s a huge bonus if the gadget I need/I like comes in my favorite color – BABY BLUE! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, IE can suck bigtime especially for web developers but of course we couldn’t completely eradicate it. After all, IE’s pretty much pre-installed in operating systems anyway haha! All i’m saying is, FIREFOX FTW!

  35. Chanukah, Hanukkah – they’re both correct in spelling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s right, and that’s how I feel – not overtly religious. I don’t really feel like I’m into my religion but I accept other religions and respect other people’s beliefs. I find a lot of religions interesting and even though I don’t fully believe in them, I accept it and I respect other people’s views if that is their view.

    Haha, it’s based off Star Wars.

    Thanks! I’ve already done the exam; it’s a practical one. So basically I dance exercises and such. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ugh. I can’t believe that girl (assuming it’s a girl!) just wanted one of the phones because they came in pink. You definitely should look at the specifications of the phone. I would have spilled coffee all over myself as well.

    I remember seeing a phone a while ago that had a very nice design but I didn’t buy it because I didn’t get a chance to look more into the phone and its features, and the phone was no longer made.

    I think it’s ridiculous that you’d get a phone just for the look. I have thought of buying an iPhone but that’s because it has the iPod feature and a camera as well, all this meaning that I would finally have a portable music player and wouldn’t have to carry my camera around. I didn’t buy it yet, and even now I’m still thinking about it. I bought an iPod touch instead but I MIGHT get the iPhone because my brother wants my iPod.

    Technology is very expensive and you shouldn’t be getting it for the sole purpose of its appearance! Even when choosing my laptop, I wanted a purple one, but the purple ones didn’t have the features I wanted. I got one best suiting my needs. I don’t really like the look (eek, got scratched easily!), but it works so well!

  36. I still haven’t heard anything yet from Piczo, and I’m really confused because I wanted to see how many hits her site gets, and it’s showing like over 10,000, which doesn’t make ANY sense, but when I put my site in (for unique hits) it shows up about right. wtf. :/ I found another stealer, too (of one article), also from Piczo. It’s all really making me not feel like doing anything on my site. :/

    Haha, you’re funny that you couldn’t wait until Christmas. ^_^

  37. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your layout looks christmas-y too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I asked the person’s permission before using is because she’s the one that found it first ๐Ÿ™‚
    So when i saw it on her blog and i wanna use it too, of course i would ask her.

    it’s a form of respect, as i’m getting ideas from her ๐Ÿ™‚
    get it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Haha, I know. I definitely took FOREVER to write that book review. I kept putting it off or forgetting about it. I should have done it a few months ago.

  39. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ :hee: Aww, that’s very nice of you. I think you might be right when you say it suits me.

    Yes, that’s so true! It’s like 2 kilometres deep. When someone told me about the band I told them about the spot in the ocean. I was surprised by the band and she was surprised by that! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Then against you have a lot of weird band names out there, so anything goes!

    Oh, I’m not changing hosts, just the company I got the domain from. I usually buy from NameCheap now. I bought Heartdrops somewhere else though.

    Thank you! Aww, I hope you did well in your exam too! :shine: If not I’m sure there will be another chance to up your marks somethow.

    HAHA! That’s so true; my heart was like POP! :heart: I feel like such a fangirl when I think about him.

    Yep, that’s right. You learn something new every day. :3

    Jediist maybe? Jedi Master? I have to brush up on my Star Wars knowledge and maybe read some information on the internet. XD

    Ugh, not very good. Technology shouldn’t be bought for its flashiness. Otherwise I would have bought an iPod long, long ago. But I feel good that my parents stopped me from buying one until recently, even with my own money. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Hello.This article was really fascinating, particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this topic last Thursday.

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