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Is IE8 for you?

What is technology to you? Do you buy laptops because you think it’s trendy? Do you buy handphones because all your friends have them? Do you buy iPods because you saw your neighbour just bought one for himself last week?

Your answer is probably based on your necessities. That’s alright. But the issue that I am going to bring up this time is about someone who buys stuff for the sake of owning it.

Now I don’t have a problem with that. I do that as well. I buy scrapbooking items because of the sake of owning them. Plus it’s my own money. I get to spend it the way I see is best. However, a few hours ago someone contacted me with this question:

“Hey, which of these two phones should I buy, Nokia XXXX or Sony Ericsson XXXX?”

I replied by asking her back if she had checked out both phones’ specifications. After all, that is the thing that you should be looking for before picking a phone, isn’t it? And her reply shocked me. I swear you could have knocked me off my chair with a feather after reading it.

“Do I have to?”

God help me. I then proceeded on asking what was the reason for her wanting to buy the phone. And she told me it was because the phones came in pink colour.

*pours coffee on self*

Leon got me a Christmas gift. I was supposed to keep it until Christmas but my impatience got the better of me. So I ended up opening the gift and it was a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! :heart:

I know many people out there still uses IE, despite the known technical issues of it. This is especially true among the non-web techies because their internet activities are limited to surfing the net to look for information or do online shopping. If you tell them to switch to other browsers, they’d give you a response similar to this one,

“Why do I need to use other browser when IE can do the same for me?”

Well, aside from the slow loading up time and the frequent crashes which may occur at the most inconvenient time (such as while you are in the middle of doing online transaction) which could result in you losing a couple of bucks, IE is probably for you then. *shrugs*

Anyway, good news for them, IE developers are working on the IE8 to ensure it will be better than it’s predecessors. Perhaps in the near future we will see a much better and improved IE. The developers next worry is probably how to get back the trust of the users who had ditched IE.

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