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Back and twittery

Leon is going to fly off to Singapore tomorrow. He will be there until Dec 30th which means he won’t be here during Christmas. 🙁 I’m getting him to get me a couple of books that I couldn’t find here, so at least that’s something. But still, I know I am going to miss him terribly. 😥

Finally, after days of inactivity, Nekonette is back up and running. The reason for the downtime and inactivity was because I had to move to another host. So-Pink no longer hosts external domains and thus I had to find a new web host. Nekonette is now hosted by CBD Hosting which is owned by Jade. I faced some problems during the transfer but Jade helped me through the whole thing, it was really awesome of her. I’m so glad the problem is over. :phew:

I’d like to apologise to everyone for the delays in replying to the comments. The move took a lot of my time so I hardly had the time to return the comments but I promise I would do so as soon as I can. 😉

Also, I have signed up for Twitter! You can follow me at @nekonette if you wish. :happy:

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