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A vacation, and a crappy one too

Sorry for not posting anything lately. Actually I just came back from my 4-days vacation with my family. We didn’t go anywhere far, just the hotel at the centre of the town. What I love about that hotel is the fact it is situated above the largest shopping mall in town and my room is only one floor above it. Talk about convenient!

Speaking of the vacation, it didn’t turn out to be as fun as I thought it’d be. There was always something that would ruin my mood. For example, I can’t watch the TV in peace if my aunt is in the room as well. (Yes my mom brought her sister and my cousins along). Oh just to be clear on one thing, my mom’s sister isn’t the mother of the cousins I just mentioned, she’s only the guardian. Anyway, as I was saying, whenever she’s around I can’t watch the TV in peace because she would be making comments either on the actors or the scenes. And when I was watching a scene in the movie Wanted where the train was about to fall into the chasm, my aunt would point out things like, “Oh that didn’t actually happen. They’re just using some special effects to make it look real.” Thanks Captain Obvious. What a party-pooper. :pissedoff:

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of magazines on different fields such as web-designing, astronomy, journalism and digital arts. To be frank, astronomy has been one of my favourite academic fields. I’ve always wanted to take up astronomy as my university course but unfortunately the university I go to does not offer such programme. Too bad. For me, it is fascinating to learn about the outer space, galaxies, pulsars, the origin of the universe, yadda yadda.

Yay! I am one of the nominees for the December’s Featured Blog at Blog Buddies. Vote for me if you feel I deserve it. 😉

My other site, Chibiholic has been dormant for a couple of months now. Honestly I haven’t made any updates to it but currently I am working on a new layout for it.
I may not be using WordPress for Chibiholic so I’m thinking of building a homegrown blog for it.

I’ve also considered buying a .nu domain. I know it is really expensive. My domain registrar for Chibiholic told me that it would cost me about $124 (Bruneian Dollars) for 2 years but they said they can get it for me at the special price of $100. I can afford it of course but I haven’t thought of what I am going to do with it. ^^

Have you noticed that the snowman hasn’t got a nose? The reason why I mentioned this is because Carissa and Miz-Arwen had pointed it out in their comments. Well actually, I left out the nose not because I forgot to add it in but because I can’t draw the nose so I had to leave it out. 😥

Where would you like to go for your vacation, and why?


  1. Yeah, it’s nice to use an iTouch to update on the go with WordPress but I would NOT recommend you do it with the longer comments. ><" I tried and somehow the page refreshed; I lost the entire comment! I'll tell you, boy was I mad…

    Ah, nice to have a vacation shortly before Christmas. 🙂 Haha that is convenient! I could only imagine the number of things I would buy.

    Wow, your aunt sounds… blah. Dx My mom kind of does that too though except, she kind of over exaggerates like, "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT EXPLOSION! My god, If I was there, I would have been screaming! What's with that girl?! WHY ISN'T SHE MOVING? Oh yeah, like some guy is really going to come out of nowhere to save you." o.O" Eh?

    I've always been interested in Astronomy myself; it seems like a really interesting field to go into.

    Good luck with figuring out what to do with that domain. XD

  2. Aly

    Sorry you didn’t really enjoy your vacation. 🙁 It sounds like it would have been fun to stay in a hotel right above a huge shopping mall (especially since, to me, a vacation is partly just a chance to shop at a different mall!). Boo about your aunt not letting you watch TV in peace though. It’s one thing to talk during a movie/show if you’re actually discussing it, but having someone just sit there and make comments like that is rather annoying. 🙁

    Ooh, those magazines sound interesting, especially the ones about astronomy! I love all the sciences (well, MOST of them…not too fussed on botany or geology, but aside from that! lol), but there’s something very thought-provoking about astronomy, isn’t there? It’s kinda humbling to acknowledge just how immense the universe is and how tiny a single person is compared to it.

    Anyway, love the site, your holiday layout is so cute! Nevermind not having a nose, I think it’s great the way it is. 🙂 Take care!

  3. Aww, I think the snowman looks cute without a nose! (:

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. I didn’t know the snowman didn’t have a nose at all 😛

    omg, it must be so annoying to have someone talking non-stop when we want to focus on the movie.

    Your must be so rich to buy a .nu domain 🙁 .nu domain is too expensive for a person like me. after converted, the .nu domain will cost me RM250++ :(( I can get a lot of clothes with that amount of money 😛

  5. It was really embarrassing! *hugs* I’m not really clumsy, but I was trying so, so hard not to make another mistake so as not to humiliate myself further.

    Aww, well, I know I’m not the only one who does embarrassing things. I’m sure we all do. :3

    I usually don’t mind going on vacation or trips, but as you said, there’s always something that ruins it. I went to Indonesia a few years ago and I hated going out. I liked going to the shops but because of the atmosphere there, I felt really uncomfortable and with everything being crowded, I hated it.

    Gosh your aunt sounds annoying. There’s no need to make those kinds of comments. My mum gets annoyed when someone talks while she is trying to watch something. Now I realise how she feels. XD

    I did physics in high school and all that astronomical stuff really interested me as well! I must say though, I don’t really want to further my study in it or anything!

    I have a few .nus. At they are about 60 USD for two years. 🙂

    I would really love to travel to New Zealand, America, or the UK. :3

    Aww your snowman looks cute without a nose! It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have one. ;3

  6. Kyo

    Love the Christmas layout ^^
    I got your message, and I’ve backed-up all my stuff XD

  7. Awe, that would suck to have some ruin WANTED!!!! I woulda been like “SHUT THE F**K UP!!!! CAN YOU SEE AM TRYING TO WATCH TV IN PEACE???!!!” *LOL*

    But in a more polite way…

    And damn! 124$ for a domain!!! WOOW!!! I know is a different currency and whatnot…but damn…still…that is a lot!!!

    Can’t wait to see ya new site hun!

    Have A Good One!

  8. Dorine

    Sorry Kitty, i realised i’ve fallen back in commenting 😥

    Ooh, so you had a vacation, that’s good. Take a break and rest. Though, as you said on the title, it was a crappy one? :what!?:

    How come you can’t watch the television in peace, Kitty? (Sorry, I always tend to read and comment, not read finish then comment.) I see, i see, so the cousins aren’t really your cousins, is that so? huh?

    Hmm, my mom points out these sometimes but not when I don’t ask. Though when she points those things out she will keep explaining and explaining and I can’t help it(sometimes when she is about to scold me i ask her a question to keep her away from scolding but looks like either way doesn’t works, i still suffer). 🙁

    I see I see. So you study designing and stars? LOL. I don’t like “astromy” because it really makes my brain suffers, and I have short term memory than remembering all the stars and all those. Goodness :phew:

    Well sistee, I don’t see you in there if not I would vote for you. :yay: By the way I thought it was Featured Blogger, sistee?

    Yes I have been missing so much! I wish it would come back soon, Kitty. Though, I understand the pressure of managing so many sites ^^

    Hmm yes i remember the MSN chat I had with you on you buying a .nu domain but I think you have to consider it very carefully like, what name do you want and so whatever. Though $100 brunei dollars for two years is quite cheap, or to say, too cheap. :3

    By the way I haven’t noticed about the snowman thing. Gosh. But I think it looks nicer without the nose :heart:

    Lastly I need help on some hosts that sell master and normal resellers cheaply because now my host is encountering big problems and I am partly wasting my money paying for my hosting package 😥

  9. Actually the snowman looks really adorable without a nose. :heart:

    And oh, to answer your question, I’d love to go back to the USA (Disneyland, Hollywood, NYC, and Disney World to be exact) because of the reasons I put in the parenthesis. I’d also love to go to Canada (I’ve never been there) to visit my cousins there. Oh, and I’d also love to check out Europe because it seems like a really nice place to go to. :yay:

  10. The snowman would look weird without a nose. The lack of nose didn’t really bother me, so I never bothered to say anything about it.

    As for where I’d like to go on vacation, I have one place in mind right now. It’d be like a … two and a half day vacation, but I wouldn’t care. It’s a convention called Salute to Supernatural. It’s in July, right before my butt’s getting dragged down to North Carolina. The convention is dedicated to my favorite show of all time, Supernatural. I really want to go. I wanted to last year, but was shot down right away. This year, I’m hoping I get to go. When I got my bunny Caramel, I was lost as far as who could babysit him/her… But then I realized my younger cousin Erin could (she has five chinchillas).

    But yeah… I want so badly to have the opportunity to see the actors in person, and maybe even meet them through a Photo-Op session. >o<

  11. Aww, I’m sorry your vacation ended up being so crappy … 🙁 That was so rude of your Aunt to keep interuppting your movie/TV watching, WTF! :pissedoff:

    I never really noticed that your snowman had no nose, LOL! ^^ It still looks cute to me either way! :yay:

    Oh, and I tried to go and vote for your blog, but I couldn’t figure out how! :sleepy: I’m guessing you have to sign up to vote …?

    As for the .nu domain, I say only go for it if you’ve got an idea what to do with it, first! You don’t wanna spend all that money and then have it go to waste, eh? :sleepy:

  12. Hey Kitty,

    Salam Maal Hijrah to u..well, i got uncle who are like ur aunt too. He got exciting n telling d whole story rather den let us watch d movie in peace. I think he is d producer of d movie dats y he knows all..LOL. If he hasn’t watch it yet, he keep on asking us what happen next :pissedoff:

    Hey, was it Rizqun dat u stay over 4 days? Hevnt try sleeping in any local hotels yet. My parents dun trust me. Hoho! If i treats dem to stay there, dey are d one who are over exciting tah plg. Demanding this and that :heh:

    Oh, i tod not only me pointed out bt d nose. Hohoho! Bt f u left it be pun d xmas atmosphere in ur blog is still d same – Cute and nice. I like it.. ^^

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