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A vacation, and a crappy one too

Sorry for not posting anything lately. Actually I just came back from my 4-days vacation with my family. We didn’t go anywhere far, just the hotel at the centre of the town. What I love about that hotel is the fact it is situated above the largest shopping mall in town and my room is only one floor above it. Talk about convenient!

Speaking of the vacation, it didn’t turn out to be as fun as I thought it’d be. There was always something that would ruin my mood. For example, I can’t watch the TV in peace if my aunt is in the room as well. (Yes my mom brought her sister and my cousins along). Oh just to be clear on one thing, my mom’s sister isn’t the mother of the cousins I just mentioned, she’s only the guardian. Anyway, as I was saying, whenever she’s around I can’t watch the TV in peace because she would be making comments either on the actors or the scenes. And when I was watching a scene in the movie Wanted where the train was about to fall into the chasm, my aunt would point out things like, “Oh that didn’t actually happen. They’re just using some special effects to make it look real.” Thanks Captain Obvious. What a party-pooper. :pissedoff:

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of magazines on different fields such as web-designing, astronomy, journalism and digital arts. To be frank, astronomy has been one of my favourite academic fields. I’ve always wanted to take up astronomy as my university course but unfortunately the university I go to does not offer such programme. Too bad. For me, it is fascinating to learn about the outer space, galaxies, pulsars, the origin of the universe, yadda yadda.

Yay! I am one of the nominees for the December’s Featured Blog at Blog Buddies. Vote for me if you feel I deserve it. 😉

My other site, Chibiholic has been dormant for a couple of months now. Honestly I haven’t made any updates to it but currently I am working on a new layout for it.
I may not be using WordPress for Chibiholic so I’m thinking of building a homegrown blog for it.

I’ve also considered buying a .nu domain. I know it is really expensive. My domain registrar for Chibiholic told me that it would cost me about $124 (Bruneian Dollars) for 2 years but they said they can get it for me at the special price of $100. I can afford it of course but I haven’t thought of what I am going to do with it. ^^

Have you noticed that the snowman hasn’t got a nose? The reason why I mentioned this is because Carissa and Miz-Arwen had pointed it out in their comments. Well actually, I left out the nose not because I forgot to add it in but because I can’t draw the nose so I had to leave it out. 😥

Where would you like to go for your vacation, and why?

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