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Was that a kidnapping I saw?

Busted. Again.
I’m talking about my laptop. It’s broken down again. A few days ago I accidentally tripped over the power cord and the laptop was pulled down to the ground. And with a big thud too. Later I found out the laptop’s power input socket could no longer receive power from the adapter. HUHUHU!! 😥
The good thing about that is it gives me an excuse to buy a new one. 😀

The bad thing about is of course, I can’t bloody do my assignments! Urghh!! I still have a group report to hand in tomorrow, an essay to finish by this Saturday, another group report by Monday, two essays, a journal and another group report by next Saturday. Oh dear God, help me.
And right now I am in the middle of typing up the report, compiling my part of the report as well as my partner’s and I still need to do the references. But I also need to type up this post because if I don’t, God knows when I will be able to.

Yesterday while we were out and about around the shopping complex in the city, Leon and I were driving passed a car. There were a bunch of guys around it and all of them looked somewhat in rush, even agitated. Then one of them opened the back passenger door and another guy was pushing a man into the car. After driving passed the car, Leon and I were looking at each other and I asked him, “did that guy just got kidnapped?Leon said he was thinking of the same too. It was weird. It indeed looked like someone got kidnapped but the idea of it actually happening before my eyes is simply… bizarre.
Maybe it wasn’t a kidnapping after all, it could be something else. Hmm…

I’d like to express my thanks to those who aren’t my affiliates but have frequented my sites. And as token of appreciation, I’ve put them in a special place in my site. You can find their links in the Links page under the Domain section.

Speaking of affiliates, I’ve gained more of them lately. Free plugs for them!
Amber | Julia | Kersheys | Syahadah

Another gift! XD

from ashleenah
From Ashleenah of Aroha
(I resized the image Ash, hope you don’t mind)

I feel like removing the tagboard. I’m getting sick of people who are either spamming it or applying for link exchanges through it. So I’m having a poll to see what you guys think of it.


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