Screw you, USB hub

My exam is just round the corner so this will be my last post before the exam. I’ll be back next week (I hope!) but no promises, though.

I’ve installed the printer and a couple of necessary stuff into the new laptop. That includes Notepad ++ (I bet you all know what it is for ;)), Opera 10, Adobe Photoshop CS (I couldn’t afford CS4), Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 and Jasc Animation Shop 3. It looks a bit too much for the mini laptop but I can’t live without those softwares, they are definitely a MUST.

A few days ago I bought a 4-port USB hub for my laptop since the laptop has got only 2 USB ports. The newly purchased USB hub cost me about 9 bucks, and being the doofus I am, thought I was making a bargain by buying it. When I tried it out at home, it turned out to be a shitty and faulty piece of junk. All the USB hub ports were not working and what made matters worse was, I can’t return it because it didn’t come with a warranty. I swear I’m not going to return to that f****** shop.

Bought a couple more of scrapbooking materials.

Alpha felt stickers

Alpha stickers

Alpha stickers 2

Felts & ribbons

Scrapbooking paper

Scrapbooking paper 2

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