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Scrapbooking, a new hobby?

I’m sure bloggers out there, at some points in their blogging life, face what we call writer’s block or in this case, blogger’s block. I have that often, which is why I no longer blog as often as before. It is so hard to come up with meaningful contents to blog about.

These days I am trying out something that has the potential to be one of my hobbies; scrapbooking. Thanks to my online friend (Miz Arwen) who introduced me to the world of scrapbooking. For a person who loves cute stuff like me, simply by looking at the materials is enough to make the child in me to surface.
Since scrapbooking is not such a common hobby practiced by the people here so it is difficult to find a shop that is dedicated to providing the materials. There is only one that does so, the Shabby Chic. It is not a large shop and though it doesn’t cover all your scrapbooking needs, you can supplement that with your imagination and creativity.

I’m getting this laptop. I went to a computer exhibition a few nights ago and bought this Pink Sony Vaio Mini. I didn’t pay it myself because my dad offered to buy it for me. Well, since he insisted so, I’m not going to be the one to say no, would I? 😉 The OS is Windows XP. I’m not a fan of Vista and I’m hesitant to try out Windows 7.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous laptop and I’m not planning to do any heavy duty stuff with it.

Pink Sony Vaio Mini

It was my brother’s 17th birthday on last Sunday. Since he likes to download stuff from the Internet so we decided to get him an external hard disk.

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