Formula schmorula

This will be a short post.

Happy Eid al-Adha to those celebrating it. It’s actually a celebration to commemorate the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God. The sacrificing of Ishmael didn’t really happen of course. God had replaced Ishmael with a sheep.

Anyway, my exam isn’t over yet. I have 3 more papers to go through. The last one will be on next Saturday.

Christmas is in less than 30 days. Woot! I don’t celebrate it, but I’d love to receive gifts on that day. Who wouldn’t? 😉 A few months ago Leon and I bought some festive lights to decorate the Christmas tree (the one he keeps in his room). The tree looks good enough, but we still need to add some more embellishments to it before we can put it out for display.

I am joining the Ambrine contest hosted by Amber and Dorine. Anyway, one of the requirements is that I have to blog about the contest, so here it is:

Ambrine is a contest joinly hosted by Amber of Dead Battery and Dorine of Skyrawr.

The requirements are as follows: (100% copied and pasted)

1. Click on our ads – ten points
2. Follow us on Twitter (If you do not have Twitter, then make a banner for me, Amber and both of us.) – ten points per banner
3. Advertise us – five points
4. Comment our blog – five points per comment
5. Refer someone to this contest – ten points per person
6. Post a blog post about this contest – ten points
7. Write an article each about what you think of our site. – ten points per article

Prizes? Well, they haven’t decided on the prizes yet. But if you feel like giving your luck a try, do join the contest 🙂

I removed the tagboard. It’s getting excessively annoying. I’ve also changed the blog’s name to “Nekonette.com: The musings of a Kitty”. I don’t know what made me pick that title. Some kind of divine inspiration perhaps. 😉

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