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Exam on a Sunday!?

Wow.. so many comments. I’m trying to finish returning all the comments tonight. I know I haven’t been much active in these few days. I’ve got so much things to do, most of them related to university work. I’ve finished them all this morning and I feel so relieved about that. Seriously I need to take a break. The university workload is killing me. Sometimes it feels like as if the lecturers are competing against each other to see who gives out the most work. 😥

My exam is going to start on this coming Sunday. Yes, you read that right. It’s on a freaking Sunday. You’d probably think who in their right mind would set an exam on Sunday. Well apparently my university would. The reason being next Saturday is a public holiday for us so they want to make it up on Sunday which I think is pretty stupid, really. Sunday is the time for one to spend the day with family, not stuck in a cold hall with pens and papers. 😡

Extra info for all of you: Unlike in many parts of the world, our working days are from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. Fridays and Sundays are our weekends.

I did mention that it was my brother’s birthday a few days ago. Apparently a year older doesn’t necessarily him any wiser. My mom made a rule that chewing gums are not allowed in the house and it something that my brother knows well. But he did it anyway so when I said to him that I’m gonna told my mom about it he was furious.

My brother: “Are you planning to get all of us in trouble?”
Me: “No, just you.”
My brother: “But you know if mom gets angry, everyone will suffer from the wrath.”
Me: “Well, that’s your problem. You know chewing gum is not allowed in the house yet you do it anyway. Ever thought of that, hmm?”

Anyway, enough about my family. This afternoon Leon and I went to watch 2012. It was a nice movie but I was amazed with with the extraordinary luck that the Johnsons‘ family possessed. Seriously, it was definitely more than just a miracle that all of them survived, it was God‘s doing. LOL. I enjoyed the movie nevertheless, though I found it hard to concentrate watching it at the last half an hour because my bladder was so full of…well you know what. 😉 I actually fidgeted in my seat and I could have sworn the person sitting behind me was getting irritated by my fidgeting. LOL.

Well, the poll result shows that the majority of the voters want me to keep the tagboard. It shall be so then. But from now on, I’m just gonna totally ignore the people who doesn’t read the rules. You don’t bother to read the rules, so I won’t bother replying you. What goes around comes around, baby.

My new laptop is working beautifully and I’m happy about it. The only thing is that, it doesn’t have a CD-ROM drive (what can you expect from a mini laptop?) so I can’t install all the necessary stuff yet. I’d have to get an external CD-ROM drive, probably tomorrow so that I can have the printer installed. 😉

Ashleenah of Aroha is hosting a comment competition. It is easy to win and the prizes are pretty interesting too. It is certainly something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Check out her website to get the full details of the competition!

Okay, I’m gonna end this post with the following question:

If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?

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