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The days before Internet

“Affiliate/link exchange requests in the tagboard will be ignored, please use the application form instead.” Is it so hard for anyone to spend a mere few seconds to actually read this bit? Or is it my fault for not making the notice big enough?

Thinking back, I recall the days before I know the very existence of the Internet. I was 13 when I first learn about the Net. And even that, my experience with the Internet was very much limited to surfing the websites only. I only started to learn basic HTML when I was 17.
When I compare myself with the younger people today, they do not realise how lucky they are today. They’ve been exposed to the computer at such a young age. I remember the first time I was introduced to computer, it wasn’t even in Windows mode, it was on MS-DOS mode! Hahaha!

Before I became glued to the Internet, or computer even, I used to go out, talk to the neighbours or do some creative stuff with my own hands.

“Do you do reviews?” It was a question someone asked me.

I have been pondering the same question for a long time and after given much thought and consideration to it, I decided to NOT do web reviews. I might in the future but at the present moment, it is a no.

I could, of course, do reviews if i want, but to be a good reviewer, I believe one has to possess good knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP (at least). Extra knowledge in other areas such as Javascript, database management, etc, would be beneficial.

Of course everyone is entitled to have opinions, but a reviewer must be able to produce good arguments to support his/her opinions, and that is something I lack in.

Therefore, though technically I could do reviews, but I won’t do so, but it would not be professional ones. Looking from the positive side, I am actually doing myself and others a favour, and that is sparing the world wide web from yet another crappy reviewer (me!). The Internet is already crammed with cheap web reviewers who are trying to scrape some hits for their sites. Not that I’m saying my site gets lots of hit per day, it indeed doesn’t. But neither am I desperate enough to resort to cheap tricks to lure in visitors. It’s alright if your reviews are of substance, but if you’re going to talk about something that is too generic, you might as well forget about doing reviews.

Am I being too mean for saying all these?

Affiliate Halloween gift! From Julia of Rainbowpop.

From Julia

Though I do not celebrate Halloween myself, I’m wishing Happy Halloween to everyone else who does. Honestly, the extent of my knowledge about Halloween is people wearing costumes, go to costume party and trick-o-treating. Hahaha. That’s hardly surprising though, as nobody celebrates Halloween in my country anyway. Hehehe..


  1. I remember when we first got our first computer. I was so excited, now I’m addicted to the computer. It takes up pretty much 90% of my life. I can’t think of what it would be without computer or the internets.

    Yes, 7 days seems like forever. I just want to hurry up and fast forward time. I am getting so excited, but also I’m dreading going. I don’t know why though.

  2. Wow, I didn’t think you were being mean at all. You sounded really pleasant, actually. I understand the frustration of posting something in bold, italics, or different colors, and people STILL not getting the hint or reading it -_-

    I vaguely remember days before the internet, heh. I think we had windows 95 or whatever it was, when I was around 9 or so. I remember Comic Chat and IRC haha. I have had spats throughout my life, since then, though, where i haven’t had the internet. I’m not sure how I entertained myself. I guess I went to school, then work? Hung out with the boyfriend, went mudding, all that jazz. Good times. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the internet now. I probably didn’t learn HTML and all that jazz until I was about.. 14? BUt it was VERY basic. Only in the last two years or so have I really been developing my skills. I look at kids now with amazing websites at like.. 12 and it;s like, crap.. thanks for making me feel old, heh.

    Wow, sorry for that long message. I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Thank you! 🙂

    Haha credit is alright I guess. 😛 Could have been better but it was a good job for something I pulled together pretty much the night before.

    Alright you do that; best someone keeps me from Facebook! I usually feel guilty for skipping classes all the way through the time I’m supposed to be in there. D:

    I hope so. She’s been in a pissy mood lately. Parents. -_-

    I remember MS DOS so well. To me, it wasn’t intimidating at all. Some people thought it was scary. I loved typing in the commands. It made me feel like I was in control. I had a game I liked on MS DOS called King’s Quest. It was so pixelated. Ahhh it was my favourite game. You had to move the guy around and type commands to make him do things.

    I think the reasons you don’t do reviews are valid and correct. There are so many cheap reviewers offering reviews that are not detailed or constructive. I like to think that my reviews are good though. Obviously in the beginning they sucked. But you gotta start somewhere, but one has to be confident about it!

    I started out on the web at 10. I didn’t really work with HTML until I was 13 or so. xP

    Children these days are very lucky to be born into a computer age. U_U

  4. Wow, really? You only learned HTML when you were 17? What’s happened to the world? It’s TOO techy! 😛 I guess saying those stuff isn’t really “mean” because it’s your thoughts… Anyways, I have halloween affie gifts in store for you! Go grab yours!

  5. Hey again, Kitty!

    Um, just wanted to add that the gifts are on my other blog. See here to grab yours! Enjoy!

  6. review sites are boring anyways, i never read the reviews. blaah. and imagine the amount of time it would take to review the site. nit bothered, and it not being mean, juts expressive.
    carissa loves you.
    thats so sweet.
    she didnt say why in particular. soim going to ask you if you know why, i forgot to ask her and yeah, im on your site now and yeah.. im going to ask you.
    i dont think our generation is lucky at all, my little sister spends around 5 hours a day on the computer, that’s almost as much tie as she spends in school, which leaves her with about 4 hours to do anything else.
    we have 8 computers in moy house and 7 people to use them. THERE’S MORE COMPUTERS IN MY HOUSE THAN PEOPLE. personally that creeps me out, but then who am i to talk, i have a website, when my friends have touble using myspace. O_o.
    take care.
    love you.

  7. Haha. I actually kept on cursing my computer when that happened! 😛
    Yeah, I’m not really surpised. My dad only actually learned when he
    was a teenager! Anyways, I’m glad you liked my gift. 🙂
    I actually had a hard time drawing the ghost! 😛

  8. HA! INTERNET CAFE. why did that never cross my mind? good one. sorry. i did actually laugh-out-load.
    yeah, i have a tendency to make misery and sadness sound poetic, but then again so does Shakespeare, although i wouldn’t put myself in his category.
    you should so do a review site one day, you’re one of the nicest bloggeres i have met, ^_^ , but if you ever do promise never to review my site. 😀

    take care.
    ps. hows leon?

  9. It could also be because I don’t really even know how much longer we are going to be together as it feels like it’s such an effort for him to talk to me. It’s kind of like extracting teeth. I feel like he doesn’t really want to talk to me but he does because he thinks he has to.

    I mean I know he has a social life (and friends, which I don’t have) but it would be nice for him to actually take even just half an hour to text me or ring me. But he can’t even to that. He will send me one text in the morning and one at night. Basically to say good morning and good night. It makes me sad that he doesn’t even really want to talk to me.

  10. Thank you! Yeah, it’s no big deal. I was really immature about it before and angry about it but over the years I’ve grown to get over it. 🙂

    Haha yummm! I love boiled eggs, fried eggs… scrambled… not raw though! I love the ones that are half boiled so the yolk is still oozy.

    Haha making graphics with commands. OMG, that is hilarious. It reminds me of the old sheets and printouts of game rules that had the nifty titles made out of characters on the keyboard. XD

    Thank you! 🙂 Well, if you really want to, I’m sure one day you’ll be ready. ^^

  11. ahahha.. some people are so hard headed.. and I think some of them do less reading and does more action instead. HAHAHAHAHA.. :)) anyways.. you’re right about reviews.. I have thought of doing site reviews before but I didn’t pursue it because I know that I’m not professional enough to review a site and I don’t even have the skills to make my site look good and make it more presentable.HAHAHAHA.. :))

    anyways, HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN to you.. I also have a gift for you at my site.. hope you’ll grab it..;)

    take care
    xoxo, MIMING |

  12. life without the internet==unimaginable. how did people cope?
    i am on a half term holiday now,
    but school is tommorow.
    im good with everything except history, which my brother is menotring in,
    but ovverall good.

  13. Not mean at all, man. You speak the truth.
    If you want to give a decent review – which means not solely based on opinion – then you gotta know what you’re talking about ;D I agree about knowing those three languages as the basic necessities. I think most reviewers don’t, though 😮 Or they didn’t back in the day, at least.

    Duuude I agree. ;~; I was always outside, begging my parents to let me go outside after dinner and stuff (when I was little xP), hehe. 😮 But now I’m perfectly content with just sitting in my room on the net. xP

  14. I’m going to see him this weekend, so I’m sure we will talk about it then, I am really hoping me going to see him will fix things and I’m getting so down and upset about it all. I don’t even know if he’s noticing it, or it’s just me over-reacting.

  15. Ahhh..

    I used to think I was unlucky because I didn’t trained to be a good blogger when I was five.Instead I slacked.And me too,I don’t celebrate Halloween,though I yearn to.Sadly,I hadn’t enough time to prepare for Halloween so,the so-called party was off.Haha.

  16. How weird that I saw it from you, but haven’t heard a thing from Lacy. XD

    That pretty much is Halloween in a nutshell. It’s really quite meaningless; it’s just a greedy party holiday. 😛

    Good evaluation of yourself! For the same reason, I could not do reviews.

  17. When I first started out on the Internet, all I knew how to use was Hotmail, haha!

    Oh, and I had no idea what a search engine even was. I thought the only way you could visit a website was if you already knew the URL! xD;

    And when I finally learnt, the only search engine I used was AllTheWeb … Google either didn’t exist or was totally crappy back then, I can’t remember which! 😯

  18. I forgot to mention that I didn’t know what the internet was until I was about 12. It was the weirdest thing ever to learn about!

  19. The first time I use a computer is when I’m 7 or 8. It use window 97. I only use it to play some game that have abc and you have to click the same 3 color. (something like it)

    I know about this internet when I’m 10 but the Internet sucks as the com. Its 30 to 50 kbps. (that time there are no internet with 100kbps with cheap fares) Just to wait for myspace home page to load require 5 minutes -_- After three years using it, it broke down. Now my mom already throw the com to the front lawn XD

    I really know what is internet when I’m 12. My sister bought a laptop and we all beg my mom to put the current internet. If my sis didn’t bough the laptop, maybe I don’t know about html, website and so on 😛

  20. That makes me feel so much better!! 🙂 We had a little talk last night about it, before he went to bed. Made me feel a whole lot better. 🙂

    Now I’m excited to be going to see him.

  21. I’m webcamming with him now, and it’s awesome. We haven’t done it in so long.

  22. GO DO YOUR WORK! ^_^. kdding, seriously though, you shouldn’t fail your assignments.

  23. hahaha, thank you for the support *hugs*

    She is so lucky. At first I thought it is a fake prada but turn out it is real :O

  24. As far as I can remember, I used to have this really big and fat PC to play games like Neopets and LodeRunner on. For the internet, it was the usual dial-up (oh how I miss the tone, haha!) and took ages to load any page.

    I guess though, I’m definitely lucky to have reached this point. But then, every generation had something special. Something unique to their own people. The latest is simply technology.

    On reviews, I would agree that you’d need to have at least some knowledge before even attempting to critique a website. Otherwise you’d simply end up looking like a hypocrite.

    But there are also websites that review for the sake of helping other people out. Places like are a community-based review site. It’s not so easy to get hits there. You have to review (properly, I might add) other websites before you get to post your own. And the active people of the community all have good intentions – all they want is to help other people improve their website. As far as I’ve seen anyway. Any abusers are quickly removed and banned.

    But er, this is getting long. I’ll stop for now 😀

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