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The days before Internet

“Affiliate/link exchange requests in the tagboard will be ignored, please use the application form instead.” Is it so hard for anyone to spend a mere few seconds to actually read this bit? Or is it my fault for not making the notice big enough?

Thinking back, I recall the days before I know the very existence of the Internet. I was 13 when I first learn about the Net. And even that, my experience with the Internet was very much limited to surfing the websites only. I only started to learn basic HTML when I was 17.
When I compare myself with the younger people today, they do not realise how lucky they are today. They’ve been exposed to the computer at such a young age. I remember the first time I was introduced to computer, it wasn’t even in Windows mode, it was on MS-DOS mode! Hahaha!

Before I became glued to the Internet, or computer even, I used to go out, talk to the neighbours or do some creative stuff with my own hands.

“Do you do reviews?” It was a question someone asked me.

I have been pondering the same question for a long time and after given much thought and consideration to it, I decided to NOT do web reviews. I might in the future but at the present moment, it is a no.

I could, of course, do reviews if i want, but to be a good reviewer, I believe one has to possess good knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP (at least). Extra knowledge in other areas such as Javascript, database management, etc, would be beneficial.

Of course everyone is entitled to have opinions, but a reviewer must be able to produce good arguments to support his/her opinions, and that is something I lack in.

Therefore, though technically I could do reviews, but I won’t do so, but it would not be professional ones. Looking from the positive side, I am actually doing myself and others a favour, and that is sparing the world wide web from yet another crappy reviewer (me!). The Internet is already crammed with cheap web reviewers who are trying to scrape some hits for their sites. Not that I’m saying my site gets lots of hit per day, it indeed doesn’t. But neither am I desperate enough to resort to cheap tricks to lure in visitors. It’s alright if your reviews are of substance, but if you’re going to talk about something that is too generic, you might as well forget about doing reviews.

Am I being too mean for saying all these?

Affiliate Halloween gift! From Julia of Rainbowpop.

From Julia

Though I do not celebrate Halloween myself, I’m wishing Happy Halloween to everyone else who does. Honestly, the extent of my knowledge about Halloween is people wearing costumes, go to costume party and trick-o-treating. Hahaha. That’s hardly surprising though, as nobody celebrates Halloween in my country anyway. Hehehe..

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