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Not a positive week for me

Application for affiliation with Nekonette is re-opened! Yay! So I’ll be accepting new applications now. However, I’ll be somewhat picky compared to the last time because this time I am looking for friends. I suppose you know what that means, yeah?

I don’t know how many times I should be editing this post. I seem to have endless things to add in. Anyway, to all those who are applying to be Nekonette‘s affiliates, please use the application form instead, not the tagboard. The tagboard is for short messages only and not for requests/comments on the blog posts/etc.

Anyway, so far this week has been a tiring and disappointing one. On Tuesday I had my Geography presentation and despite the positive comments that I received from my fellow classmates, I got a C for it. The reason for that crappy grade was because I did the wrong thing. Otherwise I could’ve gotten an A for it. Urghhh!

And for the past 2 days I had been spending my afternoon at the National Archive. The reason being I need to study some of the old documents for my History project. It was a boring thing to do (I know I shouldn’t be saying this) because the moment I looked at the old documents, my mind simply switched off by itself and I was merely skimming through the pages. Bad bad Kitty. 😛

On top of that, I am currently suffering from mild cough and running nose. Ugh, I hate it so much. *stop reading this if you find it disgusting* Not only I find it hard to breathe with blocked nose, but I also have to make sure the snot is not coming out of my nose. Ewww.

WordPress 2.8.5 is out but I am not going to upgrade mine due to the several bad past experiences. Plus I’m happy enough with the current version.

On a totally different note, I find it hard to reason with some people in my university (this refers to the students, not the lecturers). Close-minded idiots who could not accept other people’s views. Their self-ego is unbelievably huge and is impossible to break. These people usually try to justify their actions by hiding behind our national philosophy. For example, they refuse to learn English because according to them, “We are Malays and our mother tongue is Malay. So why do we need to learn foreign languages?” I was reeling from shock 😯 when I heard the answer. I could give them a million answers for that but, being the nice (or mean) person I am, I decided to leave these people in their own ignorance. Tsk.. sappy and pathetic.

Apparently the effect that Western education had on some people can take a negative course as well. There was this girl in my tutorial class. I’ve never seen her before, and that’s because she never turned up for class. Anyway, it was clear to me that this girl received some Western education and quite possibly had some experience studying in the West. Unfortunately, with all her education (and knowledge), she thinks she is superior compared to everyone so she makes it an excuse to act snobbish. She even dared to be rude towards our lecturer. That was low, I have to say. I have no qualms whatsoever to call her a bitch, because she simply is. It is people like her that give Western education a bad name. She definitely possesses a good command of English and I commend her for that but that doesn’t give her the right to be an obnoxious babbling moron.


  1. Whoaaaa!Did you fail?I don’t know what grade represents you fail,but I hope you didn’t!Anyway,let’s try to answer that question…………

    Q : We are Malays and our mother tongue is Malay. So why do we need to learn foreign languages?
    A: Because it will widen your knowledge so learn more!

  2. Awe I hope you get better soon, I’m suffering from the same I think. I got a runny nose and a sore throat and a bit of a sore chest.

    Thanks for the comment on the competition, I think I may do it. Although I’m not sure of all the information nor rules yet.

    I have applied to go back to school but do it by correspondence, I applied online but have to send some things through the mail. I really I hope I get in. I applied to do English, Visual Art, Graphics, Business Study and Computer study. I hope I can handle it all.

  3. exactly! just coz you got you education somewhere “better” doesn’t mean you’re any better or in a position to act like you’re better than everyone else. my mom says the same thing about some people are here except it’s when we get telemarketers calling our house and they’re speaking in spanish. my mom says, “if you come to the u.s., learn english not force americans to learn spanish.” i mean it’s great if you know more than one language—because the place is a huge melting pot, but a lot of things around here are pretty screwy so it makes the u.s. look like such a crappy place to live in.

    but yeah, you’re right with what you said on my blog about scary movies. i’ve yet to tell my former room mate in college that i’ve sat through one without closing my eyes or trying to skip out on it lol! it never did sit well with me—most horror movies and the gory ones. but this one i sat through it just fine due to the fact that the format it’s done and the topic i’ve grown accustomed to. although, there were some things to it that still doesn’t sit well with me because it is kinda scary imagining it happen to someone — and dangerous too.

  4. those people who said “We are Malays and our mother tongue is Malay. So why do we need to learn foreign languages?” just another bunch of stupid people who are bad in English or just to lazy to learn it.

    Those people is living in the past, These days. Malays is not a main language like Melaka period. (I bet you know about Melaka)

  5. I definitely spend more time in front of the computer than helping out inside the house. But I do do a significant amount of chores, I think. 8D

    Haha my boyfriend and I are both anti-Facebook. He said he really doesn’t need one – and I know he’s not just copying me, otherwise he would have gotten one by now because a lot of people had it before we even started dating, lol.

    Wow. I’m actually surprised by the students at my university – they’ve just come out of high school and everything but are so smart, mature and dedicated. 😛

    Bah that sucks about the C grade, but at least you passed. I guess it wasn’t good news after hearing nice feedback. -_-

    History is really boring to me as well. Bollocks. I hate it. D: I have one subject at university called “ideas in history” and boy is it boring. I found I have learned more from it, but I don’t really enjoy it.

    I hope your runny nose gets better! I don’t know why but I am satisfied when I blow my nose and there’s no more snot. I know I’m weird. XD

    That girl you mentioned sounds really arrogant and stuck up. You’re right about these people with big egos. I would get pretty pissed off if I were around people like this. You can’t just refuse something like that because it’s not in your language. Besides, English is spoken pretty much everywhere – gosh, it’s just so unreasonable, in my opinion. 😐

  6. I learn about brunei too 😀

    I wish they would change. or they won’t get a nice job XD

  7. WOWEEE! This theme is greaaattt 🙂
    Congratz on a C it isn’t that bad cause you’ve still passed 🙂
    I hate having a cough and runny/blocked nose mainly because I can’t laugh without having a fit and blocked nose I’m used to as when I was younger I kept having blocked nose that I found it my natural breathing form.

    Anyway take care 😉

  8. Ohmeeegawwdd I love the new theme!! 😛 It’s so kyuuuut! You make the cutest themes I’ve ever seen :jealous: 😛

    Well, talking about idiots, there are also plenty in my class. We’ll just have to turn on a deaf ear towards them so we don’t become idiots. Semua datang dari kampung! I’m not so bandar la but I’m more civilized kot. Huhu.. Sorry for the rojak.

    Anyways, I’ve never liked History too so we’re on the same boat~~ 👿

    I would wanna apply for an affiliation spot but I’m gonna have to wait for my requested layout to be finished on my new domain. 😥 Reserve a spot for meh! 😛 That is, if you can. It’s ok if it’s filled up. First come, first served right?

    Don’t be sad when things doesn’t go your way. Maybe something good’ll come out of it, right? Cheer up!

  9. what is their jobs? At malaysia, 90 to 80% of jobs, require them to know english.

  10. First off, your new layout is so adorable! I love the starry bits to the left and right of the notepaper background, hehe … It gives the layout a little more oompf than if you had left it out! 😉

    Oh, and about the new WordPress update … You should really upgrade, ’cause it’s not one of those updates where it changes the look of your dashboard and everything, it’s actually an important security update … And I always get worried that if WordPress users don’t upgrade straight away, they’re going to get hacked in like four seconds or something, LOL. 🙄 I’m so paranoid, but yeah.


  11. OMG how annoying is that, when someone makes requests in your tagboard… I got rid of mine ages ago.

    Ahhh. Dressed like a slut explains it all haha. Doesn’t sound like a bright child either.

    Two weeks! You can do it. Split up your time and put your research first. 😀

    Awww man! I don’t think many people like getting the trial versions of games. I always got up to the end of a trial version and got annoyed. I played the game over and over just for fun haha. This happened with an adventure game I played.

    1am haha. I sleep pretty late as well. D:

  12. Gel

    I hate it when some people around me tend to have this superiority complex just coz he/she is like this and like that. Uhh what the hell? We’re all equal people and we should be humble enough to accept our talents but not to the point that we’ll make other people feel that they’re inferior than us. Sheesh.

    I haven’t had the chance to upgrade my WP on my own lately coz i’ve been hearing a lot of mishaps that comments/posts suddenly get deleted for no apparent reason during the process of upgrading. Yikes.

    Get well soon! : It’s always hard to function if you’re sick. Hope you’ll feel better in no time!

  13. Haha I see what you mean. That’s why I didn’t like having my tagboard. I get the occasional “nice site!” comment on my blog… I’m trying not to be too bothered as I have not provided an alternative.

    Wow, I would not call that woman a role model at all especially not for her kids.

    It is a scary thing, but I think I might like it and that’s the important thing. 🙂

  14. I wish I knew multiple languages. ;~; I only know English.

  15. dts so rude of her, Kitty. ppl lyk ds wont alwys be on top. someday it’ll be goin down..dts for sho.hehehe..N by learning not only Eng u kud mek a better lyf of it. doe i noe m nt gd in Eng ( blog) i keep on tryin. i tink wts count is our effort of tryin 😉

  16. I don’t have TB. 😀 I don’t know what I have yet because I can’t call the doctor until tomorrow, but at least I don’t have to be quarantined. XD

    Ahh… sadly, it seems like most people in the “West” (it’s weird for me to call it that XD) bitches. 🙁

  17. Haha, I don’t think Gordon will let me post a picture of his glittery toenails. XD I think I wanted to when I first did it, but he wouldn’t let me. It’s half chipped off anyway, and it’s also clear, so all you can really see is the glitter. XD

    I don’t think you’re a bad affiliate at all. You’re the best. 😀

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