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My own laptop is back

I created this vector at about the same time as the siggy vector and that was about 2 months ago. That blonde girl is me (I’m not blonde and I am certainly not that good-looking. LOL!) and the guy with the brown hair (yes it is a guy) is Leon. Hahaha!

Kitty and Leon
Kitty and Leon

The last post will be placed under the Articles section soon.

After 2 solid years, I finally get to work on my own laptop again. All this while I have been piggybacking on either, my sister’s laptop or my mom’s. The reason why I can’t use my laptop was because the adapter imploded on me. I tried looking for a replacement but it was to no avail. So for 2 years my latop had been sitting on the table, gathering dust. Moreover, the disk drive’s converter is busted and when I took it to the shop where I bought the laptop, the people over there said they didn’t have a replacement for that too. WTF! Anyway, a few days ago I went to another shop with Leon and got myself a Universal Adapter for the laptop. I’m sooo glad to able to fiddle with my own laptop again.

Haha I just spammed my own blog.
I had to send in my laptop again for repair because it is badly infected by a virus. 😥 It got the virus while I was transferring some files from my mom’s old laptop. So here I am, laptop-less once again.

I’m still working on the new layout. It seems that I am still not satisfied on how it looks. I shall be re-modifying it again for the 100th time. Plus I still need to make sure the layout looks alright on the different browsers (screw IE, I can’t be bothered to do cross-compatibility with that damn browser. Seriously, everyone should just dump IE and jump to using other, better browsers). I know some of you are waiting to see it but I really feel the layout isn’t ready to meet all of you yet. 😥

This time I only have one question for you:

In a day, how often do you check your emails?

My own answer: I check my inbox 8465843 times everyday. Seriously, ever since I could go online using my phone (that was 3 years ago), I am obsessed with checking my emails every 2 hours everyday. I LOVE receiving emails!

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