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My own laptop is back

I created this vector at about the same time as the siggy vector and that was about 2 months ago. That blonde girl is me (I’m not blonde and I am certainly not that good-looking. LOL!) and the guy with the brown hair (yes it is a guy) is Leon. Hahaha!

Kitty and Leon
Kitty and Leon

The last post will be placed under the Articles section soon.

After 2 solid years, I finally get to work on my own laptop again. All this while I have been piggybacking on either, my sister’s laptop or my mom’s. The reason why I can’t use my laptop was because the adapter imploded on me. I tried looking for a replacement but it was to no avail. So for 2 years my latop had been sitting on the table, gathering dust. Moreover, the disk drive’s converter is busted and when I took it to the shop where I bought the laptop, the people over there said they didn’t have a replacement for that too. WTF! Anyway, a few days ago I went to another shop with Leon and got myself a Universal Adapter for the laptop. I’m sooo glad to able to fiddle with my own laptop again.

Haha I just spammed my own blog.
I had to send in my laptop again for repair because it is badly infected by a virus. 😥 It got the virus while I was transferring some files from my mom’s old laptop. So here I am, laptop-less once again.

I’m still working on the new layout. It seems that I am still not satisfied on how it looks. I shall be re-modifying it again for the 100th time. Plus I still need to make sure the layout looks alright on the different browsers (screw IE, I can’t be bothered to do cross-compatibility with that damn browser. Seriously, everyone should just dump IE and jump to using other, better browsers). I know some of you are waiting to see it but I really feel the layout isn’t ready to meet all of you yet. 😥

This time I only have one question for you:

In a day, how often do you check your emails?

My own answer: I check my inbox 8465843 times everyday. Seriously, ever since I could go online using my phone (that was 3 years ago), I am obsessed with checking my emails every 2 hours everyday. I LOVE receiving emails!

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  1. The drawings are so cute!I wish I had the drawing talent like you.

    Q:How often do you check your emails in a day?
    A: I am also obsessed with checking my emails because i have tons of surprises in many emails and i look forward to it in every email!

  2. I wish I can draw on computer like that 😀 I always wonder, what kind of cellphone you are using right now? Its random lol.

    I don’t check my email so often because I installed mail notifier at my firefox. I only check it when I got notify about it 🙂

  3. at least you succeed 😥 people always say nokia sucks in browsing 🙂 so it really true then.

    yes,the picture is from the sims 3, its the family i play right now 😀 I played them for quite sometimes. The longest family i ever had 😉

  4. Sony sucks too… now i know. The phone I want to buy also sucks at browsing, but i don’t really care because i never know how to use it XD So lame eh =.=

  5. yay! glad to see that you got your laptop back after how long? hasn’t it been months or something? 😛

    the whole typhoon ondoy thing really strikes a nerve within me because my relatives and family are there and live in one of the areas that was struck pretty bad. luckily my aunt said it wasn’t too bad at their house, but we haven’t been able to get a hold of my grandma on my dad’s side. either because they lost power at their house, cell phone’s off, or she just CAN’T FIND her cell phone! LOL. i know it’s no laughing matter, but that’s how it is when you’re old; the last time i saw them was last summer when i was on vacation.

    as for your paranormal experience when you were younger. it sounds really interesting. i’m sure your mom had no intention of getting scared that night ^^; my friend who, who’s forming this group with me, told me that there’s this radio at their house that keeps turning on or hears it on when he walks by their guest room. i told him to either unplug it and see if anything happens—he told me “NO WAY!” LOL. well, how’s he going to know if it’s paranormal if he doesn’t try!? and if that idea scares him already, then i dunno what he’s going to be like during investigations LOL. he says he wants to get scared shitless — but if he can’t handle that, then he’s going to be freaked out even more.

  6. ohhh… I don’t really know about phone when it comes to browsing. Maybe i install opera mini when my pocket is stable XD

  7. Oh bahaha. Good luck with your essay too! I always go online in lectures and stuff (oh look at me now, I’m actually in a tutorial class haha). The wireless here is a bit hopeless though. Just this morning I had to seek help because it kept rejecting my laptop.

    That last blog would be great for the articles section, actually. 😀

    That’s awesome you get to go on your laptop again! I only got my laptop a few months ago. I’m the only one who uses it, so it’s all good. I have a desktop computer but it is pretty old and of course I prefer my laptop. Actually, occasionally my mum uses my laptop when it’s on, just for convenience.

    Everyone should dump IE. It’s terrible. I think lazy people just use it because it comes with the computer and they can’t be bothered downloading. I now make sure my layouts work in all browsers; I’ve just done it by habit. XD

    In a day, how often do you check your emails?
    As much as you do, really. I refresh it all the time and check it whenever I can. LOL. I like getting emails but some spam ones can be annoying and if people are pestering me.

  8. awww..the vector you made is soooo adorable!!:D great job!:) and oh..goodluck with your new theme here.. I love this theme of yours anyways.. it looks good ang works good on mozilla..:D

    take care
    xoxo, MIMING

  9. Awww, I love your layout! It’s so cute! But than I envy people who can do pixels. Where’d you get those emoticons? They’re absolutely adorable! The siggy’s are cute too. I’m glad you got your laptop to work again but that sucks that your laptop’s company didn’t have any adaptors. But luckily you found one so that’s good.

  10. Gel

    I can’t imagine my laptop just lying around and gathering dust! It’s important for me to use it every single day so i’d definitely panic if it came to a point that I couldn’t use it anymore O_o But it’s good to know that you’re using your own laptop now! I’m sure it’s definitely worth the wait!

    And yes, IE sucks big time alright. FF all the way!

  11. why don’t you just buy a new one? because usually cost to repair a laptop kinda like half of the price.

  12. 50? so cheap :O your 50 equal to 122 ringgit -__- But still cheap 😀

  13. btw thank you for saying the layout is nice 😀 If you look at the header closely. The blush’s position quite off the track -_-

  14. I fix it like 4 times. now i gave up -_- It always look wrong don’t matter how i fix it 😥

  15. Isi

    I’m keeping my distance and I’m making new friends now 🙂 Staying away from everyone else, except in gy today my othher guy friend go my nerves and i’m still
    mad at him. That little itch called me a bitch. And normally we do that in a nice way but that was not nice at all.
    Yah he is cute, he was trying to cheer me up today but i was too angry to smile. i feel kinda guilty because he tried to make me feel better and i just pushed him away. Yah that is true, maybe they block your IP address but then you’ll have to get a new one, i don’t know but you can.

    Aww i want to see the vectors you made lolCongrats on getting you laptop back!! i have no idea what i would do without mine lol.
    Ugh no one uses IE anymore, i use Safari and google chorme or firefox. Right now i have to use IE because i’m in school and seriously i hate A LOT!

    In a day, how often do you check your emails?
    i check my email like ever 10mins of the day. I get emails every minute because of the who design site thing. I have to empty my inbox like all the time.

  16. Baha well I worry so. You might “accidentally” plagiarise. But it was just a small amount that came up in my essay as being similar to other sources and stuff – not a huge amount. And some similarities are from sources I’ve not even used so I’m sure they’ll let it slide. It’s not like I copied massive chunks. XD

    Hahaha my desktop PC is caked with dust now that you mention it. Around it, there are piles of paper, pots of pens, and just… what the hell, I can see an empty toilet roll there now. O_O

    My mum still uses my desktop PC and I used it a bit a few weeks ago. It still works! Though if I use it for too long it freezes.

    Oh that’s true. I see a number after “spam” or “junk” and I just want that empty too. Shame some proper emails make their way in there though ahaha.

    LOL I seriously just might. Yesterday I was so close to just strolling right into the shop and getting an ipod touch.

    Woooow. Lazy bitch indeed. I mean, why. It’s so easy to get caught. You can see the writing style change, and it doesn’t look like their work… woah. My teacher in high school told us about someone who copied and pasted and they thought the writing was soo good till they saw text that read “click here”. FAIL. xD

  17. I love your little vectors. They are so cute.

    In a day, how often do you check your emails?
    Probably once or twice. Not every often. 🙁

    Sorry to hear about the virus on your computer. I hate not having my own computer.

    I am so excited to see the new layout, I cannot wait. 🙂

  18. Yeah, but you know me. I really can’t wait to see the layout. Lol.

    And yes, it has been a long while since I’ve mentioned David. Like I actually can’t believe it aye. Like, maybe finally I’m getting over him. Not that I really want to but maybe it’s the best thing for me.

    Hannes has really made me realise how I should be treated. He makes me so happy and he treats me like an angel. 🙂

    I am really hoping Hannes and I work out. I don’t think I could handle another broken relationship.

  19. Awe you’re so sweet.

    Yes, I do think Hannes loves me more then I love him but that’s because I’m way to scared to give my all to someone again. Like I did with David.

    But I’m sure after a few months I will be able to. I guess I have to get his full trust. I have to give more because he lives so far away. I don’t really have a reason to not trust him though.

    🙂 “Don’t let go of what you have for something you can’t guarantee you can have.” Omg, that is so true.

  20. I do trust him. Lol, I love him loads. He means the world to me.

    Trust is everything in a relationship.

  21. Awh, those vectors are so damn cute!!

    OMG. That is such bad luck. – You get a laptop and then as soon as you do it gets a virus and you have to send it away… What crap. Hopefully you’ll get it back soon!!

    Good luck working on the layout. I get so stressed about layouts and everything working and all that jazz. It’s best for me to just stick to one. Hahha.

    In a day, how often do you check your emails?
    I must say I check it quite often (not as often as you: 8465843 is a big number!) But I’d say probably about 3-6 times if I’m being realistic. Depends if I’m waiting for a reply from job offers, or lecturers or something like that. So yeah… I wish I could check my mail on my phone 🙁

    = = = = =

    I know what you mean. I love sarcasm though… It’s the bee’s knees!! Hahaha. I never understood that catch-phrase, but hey, I’m gonna roll with it. Anyhoots. Most of the guys here don’t understand sarcasm and just end up thinking I’m some weirdo… Which in all fairness I kind of am 😀

  22. I’m sorry to hear about your laptop! 🙁 I had a strong desktop that fought all those viruses but ugh. I guess you should see what you can do about getting a better antivirus or protection? I use Avast; it’s free from the net. 😀

    I guess it’s best to use the laptop until it is completely unusable though – it’s a better excuse for a new one!

    Ah, everyone would take years to master English; it’s hard, especially for those with it as a second language. And improving does take a while – and lots of practice!!

  23. Holy shizzle, those vectors are flippin’ adorable! :mrgreen: I love ’em.

    And aww, man, don’t you hate when things happen that way?! About your laptop, I mean. I hope you get it fixed soon — But next time, don’t send it away to get fixed, just eMail me, LOL. I’m basically an expert at getting rid of viruses. 😎

    Oh, and you really should check your new layout in all browsers, even if you totally hate ’em! For example, I’m not very fond of FireFox, myself — It’s slower than IE, doesn’t use the same shortcuts, and just feels really bulky to me — But I always make sure my layouts show up correctly in it. ^^;

    Plus, something like 95% of online users still use various versions of Internet Explorer as their main browser … Myself included! xDDD;

    Ahh, wow, I sound totally preachy here. 😯 But I can’t help it, it bugs me when people put down IE … IE IS MY FWIEND. 😥 😥 😥


  24. Those are so cute!

    Ugh… I’m sorry that you had to take your laptop back again. -_- I can’t imagine being without my laptop for two years… I’ve only had mine for four months and I use it very frequently.

    If I’m online, I check my e-mail like every 5-10 minutes if it’s fast internet. Or, since I have it to refresh every 30 seconds, I just leave its tab up the entire time I’m online. XD I love checking my site’s e-mail!

    I agree with you about it being more romantic when guys say it. I think it’s because girls are typically portrayed as being very sappy and emotional, so I guess it’s just expected of us. XD

    Haha. Why have you heard of the *German* translation? It seems like you would have heard it in another language. o_O

  25. Oh, I know! When we were young we weren’t afraid of anything. My boyfriend played with spiders; he had no idea. So naive we were. 😛

    OH, oops! My friend uses two antiviruses – Avast and AVG. He told me to get both. I did, and my computer crashed. It worked again once I uninstalled one, but I though, golly gosh, I always knew you couldn’t have two!

    I was always getting crummy marks in English when I was younger. My mum would always look at these stupid English competitions our school made us do, and I only got a “credit”. Which is kind of average. But I started to improve in high school in some aspects, but got worse in others. Man. O_O

  26. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… thank you!! You and your words mean a lot to me. *huggles* Even if you’re on the other side of the globe… meh.

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